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Australia: a traveller’s dream

When it comes to travelling, the sheer size and diversity of Australia makes it the perfect place to explore. Whether you like to travel alone or in a group, you can experience the most outstanding natural beauty of anywhere in the world – from giant red rocks to the bluest skies and clearest waters, not to mention the wildlife and perfect weather.

Travelling in Australia couldn’t be easier thanks to OzAdventures, and there are excursions for everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you want to spend time relaxing or really get out and see as much as possible.

If you like your exercise and want to soak up as much as Australia – and sun – as possible, doing it on foot is a great way, plus you’ll feel like a real native as you venture through the terrain on the equipment you were born with – your legs!

Without a doubt, the most challenging, and rewarding, excursion is the 25-day Big Walkabout. Yes, you read that right – 25 days of walking around Australia, starting in Sydney and ending in Darwin. In Sydney you’ll begin with the Top End and Kings Canyon, Uluru and the Olgas (known as the Red Centre icons), and the East Coast provides plenty of fun on the beach. The 25 days will certainly give your legs a workout, but there is also plenty of time allowed for exploring the areas, shopping and, of course, the payment includes accommodation and meals so good you’d walk 25 days just to sample them!

If you’d rather explore Australia at a quicker pace than walking allows, the Greyhound bus is another great option, mainly because you can get on and off as you wish. So if something catches your eye out the window, or you feel like working on your tan for a while, you can simply hop off the bus. When you’re ready to move on somewhere else, just get on the next one. It couldn’t be any easier! The Greyhound has two types of pass available: the Kilometre Pass lets you buy between 1000 and 5000 kilometres to use as you wish, in any direction, while the Point to Point pass provides a discount for popular routes – you can still get on and off at your leisure, but you have to travel in the one direction.

So whether you want to explore Australia and get fit at the same time or just take it all in from the comfort of a bus, the important thing is you visit the unbelievable continent and take it in somehow. Visit for more ways of exploring Australia.

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