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Travelling in your later years: top five things to consider

Your retirement is a fantastic opportunity to finally see those places you have always dreamt of seeing. But what must you think about or plan for in order to get the most from your trip?


Just because some things might not be as easy as they once were does not mean that you should not be comfortable, especially when travelling. There are hotels that cater for your requirements, so remember to check the amenities of any you are considering. Does it have bath aid, stair lifts and is it within close proximity to facilities, for example? Don’t book a hotel that requires you to use steps or long paths – check reviews online to help you make the right decision.

Plan your holiday

From finding flights that are direct to make the journey simpler to deciding what you need well in advance, such as medications, passport and reading glasses, planning ahead can ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. Purchase anything you might need well in advance and research places you want to visit, drawing up an itinerary if needed.


It is vital to cover yourself fully, whatever age you are. It can be tricky, especially if you are over 75, but there are companies that cater for you. It is important to plan well in advance in case a check-up is required. With insurance you will be covered for medical bills from accidents or emergency treatment and it will allow you to enjoy your stay without worry.

Know your limits

You could feel fit as a fiddle and regularly undertake sporting activities. However age can catch up with anyone at a moment’s notice. It is important to be aware of some of the issues that affect pensioners so you can guard against them. For example, a reduced lung capacity that comes with age could make you less capable of dealing with altitude. If you can, try to dine at recommended restaurants with a good hygiene rating, as contaminated food can have a particularly adverse effect on an older immune system.

Try to do activities in a group

This is particularly relevant if you are travelling alone, but is a useful tip if you are with friends or your partner. A cruise is a great thing to do in your later years, as you will always be close to others and surrounded by excellent facilities in case something does happen. The same goes for planning trips on holiday: a fall can be a big worry on home ground, let alone in another country, but in a group you will have safety in numbers.


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