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Walking Holidays for Singles in Europe

Whilst online dating is all well and good and many of my friends have met partners that way, there’s something about it that isn’t for me. I guess I’m just slightly old-fashioned and looking for things to happen “naturally” (whatever that means) but that isn’t always easy in the modern world, with work taking up so much of everyone’s time. But after 12 months of single life I decided enough was enough and so I took the plunge and used a well-known search engine to look for walking holidays for singles!

Ok, it might not be quite as natural as eyes meeting over the office water cooler – or getting drunk in a pub – but it seemed a bit more organic and given I love walking – and holidays – it was a good chance to kill a few birds with one stone. The great thing about such a holiday is that there is no real pressure to mingle or meet so it does feel much more like a chance, natural situation. I wasn’t going away with a group of single people all desperately looking for love right there, right then. But rather going on a type of holiday where there was a good chance of meeting other people with similar hobbies and interests.

There is also no pressure in the more general sense, with walking and the wonderful scenery of destinations like the French Alps, Tuscany or Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast making sure the stresses and worries of everyday life are left far behind. This makes meeting people much easier as everyone is generally relaxed, in a good mood and in an environment in which they are comfortable.

Whether you are looking to meet someone or just happen to be travelling alone, the pleasure and soul-raising joy of such beauty – from the gentle, vine-covered slopes of Italy’s Tuscan hills to the crystal clear waters of Croatia’s island-studded coastline – is hard to beat. Any lingering concerns about work or home-life simply melt away, especially with many of the best European walking destinations being areas with a rich wine-producing history.

I chose to do an independent walking tour in France, meaning I wasn’t part of a large group of people all travelling together but had more freedom to do my own thing. However, as the route was one specifically selected to take advantage of hotels that charge either no, or low, single supplements I met many other single travellers, of all ages, from all parts of the world. Whilst I didn’t find romance I met some really interesting people and came home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, which is surely the main point of any holiday.

For my next trip I think I may pluck up the courage to go on a guided walking tour which should increase my chances of meeting people in the same boat as me. I have long wanted to go to Croatia and a little research on the Croatian National Tourist Board site convinced me its mix of eclectic history, coastal beauty and lovely climate will be just what I’m looking for.

I’m most looking forward to Dubrovnik, the jewel in Croatia’s magnificent crown and, by all accounts, a fabulous city to walk around with a fine mix of architectural styles. The old town strikes me as good a place as any to try and conjure up some holiday romance so fingers crossed. The great thing about such a holiday is that the primary goal is simply to have a fantastic trip, and with Croatia’s national parks, unspoilt woodlands and stunning beaches that’s practically a given: anything else on top is just a bonus.

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