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Spending a day in the beauty of Russia: where to go

Russia is perhaps most famous for its literature and its size. As a country that spans over 17,098,242 kilometres, its diversity of regions and cultures is hard to beat but where should you go when spending time in this beautiful paradise?


Anyone who wants to explore this fascinating country might like to start their journey in St Petersburg. Discovering Russia on a river cruise will offer passengers a choice of destinations and options and the city of the Tsars with its magnificent canals and palaces is an ideal introduction to Russia.

You’ll be able to relive some of the splendours of their imperial Majesties at the Hermitage Museum and St Catherine’s Palace but try to sample some borscht or caviar. Though environmentalists might not like this option, pirozhki accompanied with lashings of sour cream are always delicious and the sumptuous meal should be washed down with some local vodka – if you’re brave enough.

A stroll down Nevsky Prospekt is another fascinating experience. When admiring the splendid Kazan Cathedral and the restored Admiralty buildings it’s hard to believe that this splendid city was almost annihilated by the Germans during World War 2.


One of the most comfortable ways to explore this extraordinary country is to take a Viking river cruise. You’ll be able to sail down some of the country’s most majestic rivers and stop off at small settlements, monasteries and towns as well as some of Russia’s most iconic cities.

Those that are new to Russia won’t have to worry about any language problems, as their tour guide will be able to help them and interpret on their behalf. A visit to the small town of Uglich, outside Moscow will offer a unique perspective on Russian history and everyday life as the town boasts a stunning church, named in honour of St Dmitry – the patron saint of the murdered son of Ivan the Terrible.

A greater part of the day can be spent exploring the village and also enjoying some Russian hospitality with a local family.


Viking was the recipient of the Guardian’s 2012 travel awards. The tour company’s passengers praised Viking for their hospitality as well as their fleet’s décor. Customer service is vital in the leisure industry and the range of Russian destinations offered by Viking really give the traveller a taste of this beautiful country with quality guaranteed at every turn.

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