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Deals, Editorials   26 Aug, 2013, 23:16

Asia Pacific   25 Aug, 2013, 18:01
Market monk and thieving monk: scammers in Vietnam  
David Calleja

The latest scam in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) is more interesting than usual. Rogue monks work the markets, begging for handouts from Western tourists, and target them in cafes, guilt-tripping them for food. David Calleja meets both.

Deals, Editorials   24 Aug, 2013, 14:40
An Extended Holiday: What to do before you go  
Lucy Barker

Long term travel is a dream for many, but Lucy Barker has some words of advice. Plan ahead to make sure your journey doesn’t upset your credit rating and cause long-term problems at the home you’d thought secure.

Asia Pacific   23 Aug, 2013, 12:04
A Trip to Singapore: A Singaporean’s travel account  
Peter Lee

Despite being a Singaporean, Peter Lee decides to visit the country as a stranger, couchsurfing his way to a fresh insight into what always seems to be Southeast Asia’s happiest states.

Central Asia   20 Aug, 2013, 10:31
Elephant-back safaris and rhino in the mist  
Tom Koppel

There’s more to Assam, in India’s sometimes-chilly northeast, than Himalayan tea. Tom Koppel saddles up an elephant and heads out to meet the wildlife of Kaziranga National Park.

Asia Pacific   17 Aug, 2013, 19:08
Disturbed by ghosts in a derelict Cambodian hill station  
Mick Hobday

The hilltop settlement of Bokor – complete with a casino – was built by the French in the indochine era. These days it’s a ghost town, and Mick Hobday finds on an overnight stay they even provide a ghost, armed with a hammer and saucepan, to prove it.

Asia Pacific   17 Aug, 2013, 16:44
Inside South Pacific ‘Cargo Cults’  
John M Edwards

In the island of Aitutaki on the Cook Islands, John M Edwards finds the ‘Cult of John Frum’ is still alive and well, amongst holy relics such as cans of Campbell’s Soup and tins of Spam.

Americas, Deals   15 Aug, 2013, 18:04
How to make the most of your family trip to Orlando  
Lucy Barker

If you have children there’s every chance you’ve already been begged to visit America’s greatest theme parks. Lucy Barker tells how to get the best out of Florida.

Europe   14 Aug, 2013, 16:16
I now know why the Mona Lisa smiles  
Dan Beckmann

At a quiet cafe in Paris, Dan Beckmann has a revelation. Of course he understands the Mona Lisa looks content. She’s surrounded by the capital of France: who wouldn’t be happy?

Central Asia   11 Aug, 2013, 16:20
Street life in Chennai: where poverty seems permanent  
Colin Todhunter

The daily life of India’s underclass is one of Asia’s most colourful and dynamic sights. But Colin Todhunter hits out at the global forces that seem determined to make the poor stay poor.

Europe   10 Aug, 2013, 20:29
A night in the cave of England’s original ‘Wild Sleeper’  
Phoebe Smith

Pheobe Smith’s new book recounts her experiences ‘wild sleeping’ in various bits of the UK. Here she braves the wrath of the National Trust to camp in the Lake District cave of 1930’s wild man Millican Dalton.

Europe   10 Aug, 2013, 16:07
There’s something for everyone at Tivoli Park  
Debra Rughoo

For adults, today’s theme parks are generally hellish. But the second-oldest amusement park in the world is found in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, and Debra Rughoo finds it enchants all ages.

Europe   9 Aug, 2013, 12:59
Edging into Grímsey, Iceland’s Arctic tip  
Edward Hancox

They always say that Greenland got its name to tempt in the suggestible, and Iceland to deter casual visitors. Ed Hancox certainly fell for Europe’s northern gem, as this extract from his book, Iceland Defrosted, clearly shows.

Americas, Deals   9 Aug, 2013, 11:29
Top 10 Food and Wine Pairing Menus in Argentina  
Alasdair Graham

Argentina has it all. Wine, beef and half the South Atlantic for the freshest seafood. There’s more than just steak on the menu at Alasdair Graham’s ten favourite vineyard restaurants in South America.

Americas   2 Aug, 2013, 22:34
2013’s first sunset in Barrow, Alaska – due today  
Justin Roberti

In Europe we’ve barely noticed the days becoming shorter. But in Alaska today was the first sunset in a month. Justin Roberti reports from the frontline of seasonal doom.

Asia Pacific   1 Aug, 2013, 12:31
Tom-foolery in the Rice Terraces of Banaue, Philippines  
Adrian Harman-Bishop

Adrian Harmon-Bishop finds Luzon’s most famous rice terraces have an unusual appetite for his old shoes. This risks turning a trek into a limp but things brighten as he climbs to higher ground.

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