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An Extended Holiday: What to do before you go

The extended holiday is the ultimate dream for many. Whether you want to travel the world, take in a couple of destinations in one trip or really spend some time getting to know one particular place like a local, a holiday that goes beyond the usual week or two is an extra special travel experience.

There are, however, practical difficulties associated with spending an extended period outside of the country – and it’s important to spend time preparing properly so that not only is your trip well thought out, but the life you’re leaving on hold back home is covered too. Here are some of the issues you need to consider:


It can be difficult to keep track of your money abroad, when, depending on where you travel to you might not have access to online banking, cash machines or a branch of your bank. It’s wise to make sure that you have your financial house completely in order before you leave the country.

It’s important to check credit rating details that are held on file about you, to make sure that there are no issues that could be damaging your credit score while you are away. Whether it’s a forgotten unpaid bill or something more sinister like identity fraud, your credit rating can throw up some nasty surprises. Once you are aware of any issues you can set about rectifying them before you leave the country.

It’s quick and easy to check credit rating online – simply visit site and you could have this important information in minutes.

You should also make sure that any bills that are likely to need paying while you are away are done in advance. It’s easy to forget such matters when away – or you may not have access to a means to pay, depending on where you travel to. Having payments scheduled before you leave will prevent you from incurring any black marks for missed payments on your credit history while you’re enjoying your travels.


Whether you’re out of work, between jobs or have arranged to take the time off you should give some consideration to your plan for work on your return. If you’re taking holiday leave you’ll need to ensure that any vital aspects of your role are covered while you’re away – for example, leaving clear instructions for whoever will be filling in. If you’re out of work then looking at the vacancies before you travel could be a good idea. For ones with a long application process deadline, an application placed now could mean having an interview lined up on your return.


Depending on your living situation you may have a lot to organise here. For example, if you are a homeowner or rent, and will be leaving a property empty, you may want to consider arranging a housesitter, or at least organising someone to visit the property as often as possible to pick up post, air the building and check there are no issues. A leak, for example, can do a lot of damage in a few weeks and no one wants to return to find a collapsed ceiling or wallpaper and plaster hanging off of the walls of their house!

Loved Ones

Keeping in touch with loved ones when abroad has never been easier thanks to apps such as facetime and skype, and social networking sites. Talk to your mobile network provider to make sure that you’re on the best deal for taking your phone abroad, as you don’t want to unwittingly run up huge bills abroad. Alternatively, why not go old school with an old fashioned letter or postcard? The important thing is touching base with home so that those who love you know that you are safe, well and enjoying yourself – and visa versa!

Making sure that everything is in order – from your credit history to your mobile phone network – will mean that you’re free to enjoy your travels without any worries about any nasty surprises waiting to greet you on your return home.

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