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Disturbed by ghosts in a derelict Cambodian hill station

I then travelled down to Kampot and spent a couple of days lounging around and haggling for a trip to visit the abandoned town of Bokor Hill Station. We had to climb up a mountain to reach the town, with a murderous history during the genocide and the place where I had a very interesting experience in the night, my Ghost Story.

Wednesday 27th August

The tour began at 8am when a guide, who was just a kid really, an armed ranger with a machine gun and 6 other tourists were driven in a pick-up truck to the border of the National Park.

We walked a total of 30km to reach the abandoned town, the first 11km was uphill through the jungle, with frequent rests, including a stop at a nice waterfall. The next 19km was a bit boring, just following the road but there was another stop at the former royal holiday home, which was small and had great views.

We arrived late afternoon in the town consisting of a church, a casino, about 20 other buildings and a water tank that looked like a flying saucer. We were in the clouds with limited visibility so it was hard to see everything all at the same time but I walked around and explored and particularly like the abandoned casino, you could really imagine what it would have been like in its heyday.

One of the buildings was used to sleep in, with camp beds and a working kitchen. In the evening we had rice and then lights were out at 9pm.

Thursday 28th August

I was woken up last night by a really loud noise, like someone was hitting a frying pan with a hammer in the room next to me. It started slowly, happening every couple of minutes but became more frequent until the noise started coming from different rooms in quick succession. There would be a loud bang from the room next door and then straight after the room next to that, continuing until the bang reached a room far from me and the noise faded out. It lasted for about 30 minutes and really freaked me out, it was a spooky noise and felt non-human, I mean who or what else?, as there were about 14 tourists and 2 tour guides in the entire town, in fact probably on the entire mountain. At one point I tried to move but couldn’t and was stuck lying in bed holding on to my torch for a few minutes but this might have been because I was scared.

Abandoned building at Bokor, CambodiaI saw nothing and have no evidence of anything but I spoke to people in the morning and other people were woken up and one Spanish lady I spoke to heard it as much as me but didn’t want to talk about it. It was very strange and an incident I would like to repeat with less fear and more willingness to look in the other rooms.

I woke up early so I could take a better look at the casino, it was still cloudy but better than yesterday and the view was amazing. The town is situated next to a face of the mountain that drops straight down 1080m to sea level, we could see for miles and see Thailand and Vietnam as well, 2 borders and a cracking view.

We left about 9am and retraced the exact route back to meet the pick-up truck. We were back in Kampot for 4pm, ate some fruit then 6 of us took a taxi to Phnom Penh costing $7.50 each. I showered, drank a beer and then fell asleep around 11pm.

Extract from Mick’s ebook, the Cornflake Traveller, his account of his adventures as a hard-up, Diabetic traveller with a Corn Flake problem, now available on Kindle.

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