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A two-day plan to romance Prague

Prague, the view from the Castle
There is a vast number of scenic spots in Prague, and in the right setting which usually is in the evenings, they are perfect for couples to linger around. Before you start out find out the best transport means to your hotel, and note it down for later reference.

You want to check out the Charles Bridge, but keep the following in mind.. You should be there early, before the larger tourist groups arrive. That’s when the view of and from the bridge is really spectacular. The extra advantage is of course that this means you will be there at dawn. Notice the surge of tourists until lunch by this landmark that is the most wellknown one in Prague. Charles Bridge also serves as a good starting point, in the context of this text, because you want to move further away from the center for the really kitschy romantic spots.

After you have crossed the bridge and enter the Mala Strana neighbourhood, stop and take in the full view of Prague just as the Swedes did in the 30 years’ war when their progress were stopped just here by this bridge tower as they were held off. Strawl into Mala Strana and choose between any of the cafés strewn around the neighbourhood. This is the real old quarters of Prague, and the winding alleys tell tales of medieval Prague.

Now, the first impulse would be to walk up to the castle, but check out the neighbourhood just below the castle, such as the area just underneath the bridge on the side of Mala Strana, where the old neighbourhoods remain intact. Take a walk along these alleys before working your way up along the Mostecká road that takes you to the Malostranske namesti, in front of the St Nicholas Cathedral. As you have taken in the sights, perhaps enjoyed a coffee together with your romantic protegee, it’s time to work up an appetite, both for culture and food. So head towards the castle and the famous promenade leading up to the same.

You can either choose to take the long and winding foot path from Malostranska, the Staré zámecké schody which is the old path up to the castle from the east. This path up to the castle is a scenic one with an impressive view over Prague. As the footpath is long, it is a small task to find your own location to sweep up your partner one in a kiss suitable for any feel-good movie. There is also the alternative route up to the castle from Malostranske namesti.

All In For Kitchy Evening Romance

Now when you have warmed up adequately to the romantic settings of the city, it’s time to turn up the kitch factor ever so slightly. To do this we bring out the horse and carriage tours! You will find the carriages in plenty on the Old Town Square. Make your way there by tram and board one of these old school taxis that will take you around Prague in style. This is also when you could try and snap one of those kitchy photos of the both of you, perhaps as you’re getting on or leaving the horse carriage.

As evening arrives and after nightfall Prague changes character to that of a bustling city full of nightlife, in some places hectic, in others more romantic and quiet. You will enjoy old neighbourhoods such as Mala Strana, the Old Town Square and the Charles Square (Karlovo namesti).

After so many sights and having been so cultural, do reward yourselves with sleeping in. Set that alarm clock, but perhaps not too early depending on your nocturnal adventures.

Second Day : Trams Are More Than Transport

You know by now that this city is anything but monotonous to move around in, as the architecture changes from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Add to that the views from the trams. That being said, let’s go tram hopping! When doing so, be sure to take the trams that pass by places such as Vinohrady, Žižkov and Vyšehrad Castle and the Petřín Lookout Tower, from which you have a stunning view over Prague. The story for the tower is as remarkable as the view – In 1889 a number of people who were members of The Club of Czech Tourists went to Paris for a visit, and, well there, became so inspired by the Eiffel tower that they initiated the building of the Petřín tower in 1891. Old Town Square, PragueAs you stand mesmerized at the top of this caricature of the Eiffel tower, hand in hand with your travel mate, looking out over the cityscape, remind yourself that this day will be a true adventure into bygone times. With tram you can move between all the major landmarks, and more importantly, interesting cafés and restaurants. After your excursion up to the tower, you have all of Old Prague below. Immerse yourself in aimless wandering about where centuries of history has accumulated. When worked up an appetite check out the restaurant Petrinske terasy which is some way up the hill (Seminářské Zahrady 393). This is a more traditional pub and restaurant, fitted with an open fire place to enhance the rustic atmosphere. It will give you an idea of old inns and restaurants as they used to be in all over Czech Republic.

An hour of modern Prague

A weekend trip to Prague would not be complete without seeing the modern centre. So head straight for the heart of Prague; Václavské náměstí. Take a walk from the Wenceslas Square up the hill where you can experience an impressive view from the footsteps of the city museum (Narodni muzeum). Next take a tram back through the centre, and check out the hill Letná where there are plenty of benches and you can rest from two days of chilling in Prague.

With all this romance in the air, by this time you are both surely so worked up by Prague, each other and just about every little pleasant detail you have noticed during your excursions so far. It is time for both of you to go straight back to your hotel.

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