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Africa   30 Oct, 2013, 20:25
Gorillas in the .. er .. missed  
Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker’s epic cycle ride climbs the hills of Uganda. Though his budget doesn’t stretch to tracking oversize primates, his slow pace of travel gives him far more penetrating insights into everyday Ugandan life.

Africa, Deals   30 Oct, 2013, 19:15
Marrakech: get to know the basics  
Lloyd John

With a long and illustrious history and souks to suit all tastes, it’s hardly surprising that Marrakesh is the most visited city in Morocco. Let John Lloyd be your guide.

Americas   23 Oct, 2013, 19:00
Under the volcano in a Costa Rican National Park  
Andrea MacEachern

A long weekend isn’t much time to explore Central America, but Andrea MacEarchern finds it gives her a unique chance to experience Arenal Volcano and meet some of the surrounding wildlife.

Africa   22 Oct, 2013, 15:55
A wild dog baby-boom in Botswana’s Selinda Reserve  
Alex Walters

Everyone loves a puppy, but when they represent new hope for the world’s most endangered carnivore even I think they’re special. Alex Walters finds no less than three denning packs are active in a single Okavango reserve.

Editorials, Pole to Pole   22 Oct, 2013, 13:35
Dressing the stewardesses for a new era of travel  
Leslie Sinclair

The history of air travel has seen plenty of change, but one thing remains constant: the stewardesses who ply the centre aisle, dispensing food and drink. Leslie Sinclair charts the decades through their changing uniforms.

Europe   18 Oct, 2013, 17:35
The “Devil” is dead on Prague’s Charles Bridge  
Luke Armstrong

In the Czech Republic’s devilish capital, Luke Armstrong finds a busking local artist has caused a stir – by dying.

Deals, Europe   18 Oct, 2013, 10:59
Romantic weekend breaks for couples  
Paul Woollacombe

Make the most of a long weekend with a few days away. Paul Woollacombe says a short break can spice up your life – and there’s no need to leave the UK.

Central Asia, Europe   18 Oct, 2013, 09:36
At last, a guide to the literature of Kazakhstan  
Dr. Rafis Abazov

Few westerners can even find the place on the map (clue, it’s bigger than you think), and fewer still are aware there is any such thing as Kazakh literature. Dr Rafis Abazov introduces his new anthology of literary highlights, translated into English.

Central Asia   17 Oct, 2013, 20:01
Keeping it Clean on Mint Street, Chennai  
Colin Todhunter

A normal day in south India, and Mint Street, in the beating concrete heart of Chennai, proceeds apace. Colin Todhunter sees street life in the raw.

Europe   17 Oct, 2013, 09:23
Searching for Odysseus in Ithaki, Greece  
Albert F. Englehardt

The Greek Island of Ithaca makes a big issue of being the birthplace of Odysseus. This maybe because since then it’s best-known, otherwise, for goats. Albert Englehardt finds rain and mud in – but not too many traces of ancient Greek hero.

Deals, Europe   16 Oct, 2013, 12:19
Why the English Premier League attracts worldwide footie fans  
Adam Day

England’s international team rarely inspires, only just qualifying for 2014’s World Cup, but at Premier League level the Brits show football at its best. Enough, indeed, to cause fans from around the world to fly over for a match. Adam Day outlines their options.

Europe   16 Oct, 2013, 11:42
Skulls aplenty in the Czech Republic’s Sedlec Ossuary  
John M Edwards

Just in time for Halloween, John M Edwards heads to Kutna Hora. In one of the Czech Republic’s prettiest towns he finds 40,000 skeletons, left over from some 17th century war, sparked some deeply macabre traditions.

Asia Pacific   16 Oct, 2013, 11:25
Drumming up custom in a small Thai bar  
David Calleja

David Calleja gets to fulfill a childhood dream when he talks his way into a band in Thailand. But his musical career proves too brief for him to introduce Led Zeppelin into their playlist.

Africa   16 Oct, 2013, 10:16
A taxing time on Toubkal in the middle of December  
James Sinclair

North Africa’s highest mountain is a major climbing challenge. But not one that daunts James Sinclair, who takes some time off work and flies to Morocco to summit the Atlas Mountains’ greatest peak – in winter.

Deals, Pole to Pole   15 Oct, 2013, 14:24
Villa destinations: the top three  
Lucy Barker

When it comes to a family holiday or an ultimately intimate getaway, a private villa is the way to go. Lucy Barker runs through the world’s top villa destinations.

Americas   15 Oct, 2013, 12:35
Xcalac, an underwater gem off Mexico’s southern coast  
Clare James

In the far south of Mexico a group of fishermen have launched a new marine conservation initiative to protect the seas off their village. Clare James an area that was becoming an over-fished aquatic desert is once more blooming with sealife.

Africa   11 Oct, 2013, 11:32
Meeting the Maasai in Selenkay Conservancy  
Aleema Noormohamed

There’s more to Kenya than some of the world’s best wildlife. Don’t forget the residents, says Aleema Noormohamed. In a Maasai village she gets an authentic taste of village life.

Europe, Pole to Pole   11 Oct, 2013, 11:11
A hip-hop guide to the world’s best music cities  

Jame Sobers, professionally known as BluRum13, recently toured the world in search of musical inspiration. In Europe’s greatest cities he found the hip-hop genre alive and well. Here he reveals the best music scenes.

Asia Pacific   10 Oct, 2013, 13:18
Outrigger traditions in the remote Pacific islands  
Tom Koppel

In the Marshall Islands ancient maritime traditions are making something of a comeback. In this extract from his book ‘Mystery Islands: Discovering the Ancient Pacific’, Tom Koppel explores a remote society very much alive in the present age.

Americas   7 Oct, 2013, 23:02
Later Louise: not today, hurricane, please!  
John M Edwards

John M. Edwards hunkers down in the hallway of his Caribbean concrete-block hotel to sit out a tropical storm tempest more powerful than Peter Potamous’s “Hippo Hurricane Howler”.

Americas   7 Oct, 2013, 21:54
Colones, gelato and the perfect smoothie  
Andrea MacEachern

There’s more to Costa Rica than expat Americans and a wholesome set of National Parks. Andrea MacEachern hits the yoga classes – early, advanced and tiring – and then the beaches and bars of Central America. Somehow these seem rather more alluring.

Central Asia   7 Oct, 2013, 15:09
The Road to Redemption – from Manali to Leh  
Binod Shankar

There’s more elevation than the Tour de France on the Manali to Leh long-distance bike ride. To complete the MLK Tour across the high Himalayas Binod Shankar has to pedal – hard.

Asia Pacific   2 Oct, 2013, 13:36
On the trail in Vietnam’s Sapa district  
Eric Whitehead

A trek in Vietnam’s remote northern mountains leaves Eric Whitehead exhilarated – and a whole lot fitter.

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