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Romantic weekend breaks for couples

We British are quite a romantic bunch if tourism figures are anything to go by. A Great Britain Tourism Survey has revealed that Britons took 104 million overnight trips around England in 2012 which includes couples get always.

Domestic tourism increased by 9% in 2012, reaching an all-time revenue high of £19.5 billion so local breaks are big business. Even the fact that last year was the wettest on record did not deter locals from enjoying what England has to offer when it comes to travel hotspots.

On the romantic front, the choices for weekend stays are endless with both city and country stays attractive as gifts for couples.

Say it with a gift

Most of us have a romantic streak in us; we just need the chance to bring it out. The fact that breaks for love birds run all year so that there is no need to wait until Valentine’s Day for a ‘pampering fest’.

There are countless occasions which are ideal for purchasing an overnight romantic break for a couple. It could be a special anniversary, a joint Christmas present, a birthday or a present which marks any important occasion. It could even be just as a special treat for no reason!

These gifts can provide a couple with a much-needed break from busy schedules. This gives them the chance to relax together, away from the daily grind, giving them the quality time that they need and deserve.

Giving an overnight break takes the pressure of planning off as everything is arranged as part of the package. Breakfast is included and a gift of champagne or chocolates is often part of the deal in order to get couples in the mood to relax.

Best locations

Destinations for romantic breaks range from vibrant cultural centres with a lively nightlife to charming remote country manors. Hotels cater to all tastes too. Some venues offer traditionally romantic features like elegant four-poster beds while others are more modern with amenities like Jacuzzis to share.

Hotels for romantic breaks are selected with a wide spectrum of market trends in mind.


One aspect of an overnight break for a couple which makes such a gift attractive is its convenience.

Owing to city and country locations all over England, a venue for a short stay is never too far away from the recipients of the gift so there are no lengthy travel times involved or difficult decisions to make about where to book their experience. You simply pay for the choice and let them book a time and place that suits them from the list of available locations and dates.

Running all year at a selection of great locations across the country means that there are plenty of options when you’re booking this gift for a friend. All in all, the market for romantic overnight breaks looks to thrive again this year – so why not get in on the action?

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