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Villa destinations: the top three

A great way to enjoy your holiday with unbridled freedom, villa holidays have plenty of benefits going for them. A form of accommodation found throughout the world, here we look at the top three destinations for those interested in spending their time relaxing in a luxurious villa rather than crammed into a small hotel room.


No three words summarise Spain better than sun, sea and sand. This moniker rings true virtually anywhere you go with the country’s 8,000km of beaches a strong selling point whichever way you look at it.

Furthermore, Spain is known for its strong charm and culture – something lost in a hotel or tourism agency. Whether its national cuisine or simple talking to locals and immersing in the language, the gentle approach offered by villas is more in keeping with the Spanish lifestyle and this makes it the perfect villa holiday destination.

Spanish villas are available in numerous locations so it’s worth researching before you go. If you’re after art and culture then head towards Barcelona, for in-land fun and late night vibrancy try Madrid or for the subtle delights of uninterrupted natural landscapes, head to the south or visit one of the country’s numerous islands.


Florida is an equally well known destination, arguably most famous for its plethora of family friendly theme parks. Walt Disney World Resort is one of the biggest in the state, if not the world, but there are many other choices including Universal Studios Florida and SeaWorld.

The attractions don’t end at theme parks though – there are plenty of natural delights and other activities for you to partake of. You can take the family on a hovercraft into the unique Everglades or simply explore the unique old town before hitting Miami for a spot of designer shopping.

Villas in Florida can help you get the most out of your trip so it’s worth investigating. They allow you to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city for some much needed R&R at night, leaving you refreshed and ready to explore this diverse area again in the morning.


Whether you’re intrigued about their ancient civilisation and want to learn more of their history or simply fancy a holiday in a sun-kissed region blessed with delicious cuisine, Greek villas are an ideal holiday choice. As with Spain, villas are more in-keeping with the traditional way of life here and that means you get a better holiday experience because of it.

Immerse yourself in the local culture and explore the region to your heart’s content. Greece is a vibrant country with plenty of top attractions (especially for history buffs) and a villa allows you to explore these freely.

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