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Why the English Premier League attracts worldwide footie fans

Although the UK has many pull factors that draw in millions of tourists each year, what is it about the English Premier League (EPL) that sits up there with the Queen? Here is an objective overview that determines why the EPL is the world’s greatest domestic league in the world and is just as crucial to the UK’s tourism industry as Buckingham Palace.

Firstly, in the EPL’s 20 year history, it rarely has had the greatest clubs in the world; although EPL clubs have won their fair share of European and Worldwide competitions no individual club has the same acclaim to the success of Barcelona FC for example. But what it can boast is the variety of clubs to have won such competitions, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United to have won the world’s greatest club competition (the Champions League) in the past 10 years. The only other country to have won it 3 times in the same period is Spain, and all 3 times were by, you guessed it, Barcelona FC.

Not only though does the EPL create a variety of great teams, the competition itself it also one of the closest. Two seasons ago the title was going to Manchester United until Aguero scored with minutes left for their close rivals Manchester City taking the title across to this new superpower of world football. The first top league title going to the blue half of Manchester for almost 50 years. This season it is recognized that 6 clubs are title contenders with last year’s winners (Manchester United) down in 9th place in the league.

So not only does the league produce a number of great great teams, these teams do not always remain the same. This gives the league global recognition. The league has always been very strong at gaining global support. Most top clubs spend their summer’s touring abroad. Top of the league Arsenal spent 3 weeks in the summer touring the Far East and were the first club to play against Vietnam. Not only this but the EPL also has the highest percentage of foreign players. Although some say that this has been the downfall of the English National Team, it certainly adds a foreign flavor to the way football is played in the league.

Unlike the Italian league for example the league is constantly played at a fast pace where any team can beat any team. This has attracted a large range of foreign players at all levels who are made to feel at home in the UK. Racism, violence and any negative feeling has largely been removed from the sport whilst keeping a very special atmosphere in the grounds. Banter and rivalry lives on inside and outside of the grounds and long may it do so.

With this in mind it can be extremely difficult to get tickets for EPL games. Their popularity has brought up ticket prices in the EPL with some season tickets costing 20 times more than an equivalent club in Germany or Spain. However there are some online Premier League ticket portals out there that offer tickets at face value or cheaper. However we would strongly advise you to plan your match days far in advance so not to be disappointed with the availability of your desired tickets.

It goes without saying that a trip to the UK would not be complete without a day out at a Premier League game. The teams are engrained into all aspects of the British culture at all levels. There is hardly a pub in the UK that doesn’t have its own pub football team for example, although we strongly recommend you visit one of the EPL teams over these teams. And if all the above fail, at least you can try visit the queen’s residence during your trip!

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