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4 Great Autumn Holiday Destinations

Holidaying during the autumn is always a great idea. Not just because the crowds have thinned out post summer, but also because prices are generally cheaper and you can get better bargains on your flights, transport, hotel fees and so on. It’s also a great time to catch some truly spectacular sights. Some places are great in the summer, others in the winter and some others in the autumn. If you’re looking for a bit more sunshine and colour, now that the summer is over, then you should head over to one of these excellent autumn holiday destinations.

South of France

Whilst this amazing place is a popular summer holiday destination, you can also enjoy an amazing autumn here. The good thing about visiting during the autumn is that you don’t have to worry about the crowds, there’s less noise naturally, the towns are very peaceful, the temperatures are just perfect, and the beaches are deserted and serene. Places to check out here include Provence, St. Tropez, Capenteras and Avignon for some amazing autumn experience.

The Canary Islands in Spain

The Canary islands are very popular among tourists who visit Spain. Located in the Spanish archipelago, these islands boast of truly blue, beautiful waters, pristine beaches, spectacular views and incredible weather. Listen to the sound of the waters lapping at the beaches, watch the trees sway in the winds, and enjoy the peace that come from when the crowds have thinned out from the beaches. If you’re looking for a sun tan, Lazarote is probably your best bet considering that it’s both the hottest of the islands, possesses many hiking trails and is home to the Timanfaya National Park –a place of breathtaking beauty.


Even though Cyprus is having economic problems, it doesn’t mean that you can visit in the autumn. This amazing popular tourist destination in Europe is usually very warm long after the summer is gone. Even in october, Cyprus boasts of at least 8 hours of sunshine every day and warm blue waters. The best places to enjoy your autumn break –apart from the beaches of course- are the inland villages and the Akamas peninsula. Cyprus is breathtaking once you get past the constructions in the city.


Malta’s spectacularly blue water is always appealing for tourists. But in the summer, its beaches are quiet, serene and beautiful. You can spend your whole day just taking in the views here. And during the autumn, the sunshine is abundant which makes Malta perfect for the outdoorsy types. Places you must visit and stay in Malta are Mellieha and Paola. These are two amazing places that you won’t be able to get resist coming back to whenever you get the chance.

Now that you have a few autumn holiday ideas, why not pick one and go have fun. It doesn’t have to be a long holiday. It can be something as simple as a weekend break –these places are also perfect for that.

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