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Pinterest Places – travel inspiration on screen and phone

Time was when the first thing I’d do on arriving at a destination would be check out the postcards on sale, working where the pretty bits were. That approach was already pretty obsolete but now has been rendered irrefutably old by Pinterest’s new blending of pictures and maps.

Every day, people pin nearly 1.5 million destinations they want to see and there are more than 750M pins of these places on Pinterest. Place Pins makes organising travels easy. If planning a city break looking for a specific restaurant, or a cultural attraction you absolutely must see, simply pin and add it to your map. Once in the city, your smartphone can show you where to go and even how to get there. Pins can be accessed from anywhere on your smartphone, too, letting you add and find new places on the go. Or if you have friends travelling to the same city, you can share your Place Pins board with them, and then meet up – or steer clear!

To get the ball rolling Pinterest have asked some of the best names in travel to inspire the creation of creative Place Pin boards. Check out some examples to get you started:

Find out more on the Place Pins blog post here.

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