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Five destination points to visit on the American West Coast

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to the American West Coast next year, you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure that you get the most of your trip. Making sure that you’re well aware of all the best stops to check out, especially if you’re embarking on a long road trip along the coast. Getting there is easy, be it long-haul flight, road trip or cruise all the way along the Pacific.

Here are some must-see destination points for your next journey along the American West Coast:

• Grand Canyon
Right up there on the ‘Places to See Before You Die’, the Grand Canyon is definitely worth taking a day out of your driving agenda for. If you have more time to spare, there are many trekking activities that you can get involved with – many of which spanning out over several days. Make sure that you plan these in advanced to avoid any disappointment when you get there – there is very little worse than driving for hours upon end, only to hit a roadblock when you actually reach your destination.

• San Francisco
Are sunshine and culture high on your list of intrigue? San Francisco definitely needs to be a stop on your adventure, then. Did you know that San Fran only spans over around 6 miles? This makes it a great place to add to your list, you’ll be able to cram in some of the most important landmarks in no time – shaving any wasted travelling minutes off your stay. Here’s a random place for you to check out: wander down to Pier 39 to check out the sea lions in the morning and get breakfast on Stockton Street.

• Las Vegas
Do we really need to say anymore for this one? If you travel down the West Coast and don’t stop off at the infamous Las Vegas – you may as well have just stayed at home. Be sure to pack up on paracetamol and factor in a day off the road: things can get pretty crazy around there. Good luck with that hangover. Just don’t leave with a tiger in your boot and a marriage certificate, if you can help it.

• Disneyland
On a completely different thread, if you are travelling with family, a trip to the world famous Disneyland has to be on the cards. However, ensure that you plan this one well and truly ahead and try to keep it quiet from the kids – their expressions upon realising where you’re heading will be absolutely priceless. Shop around for deals, including ‘Kids Go Free’ vouchers, as these days out can prove very pricey.

• Los Angeles
Like Las Vegas, leaving Los Angeles off your trip agenda would be a crime. Take a trip to Venice Beach to get a real feel for the atmosphere – have an afternoon of volleyball with some California beauties. If you fancy a bit of shopping, Rodeo Drive will have you foaming at the mouth – just be careful that you budget before you let yourself run wild in its endless chic boutiques. Although, when in Rome…

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