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Getting the best experience from your Kenyan safari

Undoubtedly, Kenya has one of the best landscapes for enjoying safaris on foot, on horseback and on a Jeep so much so that it is on most people’s bucket list. The best thing about a Kenya safari in the country is the wide range of places to enjoy wildlife from the spectacular game reserves inland to the idyllic beaches fronting the majestic Indian Ocean. Safari-goers will certainly not lack for choices in locations and in luxury!

But that’s not all either! You have the opportunity to plan your own tailor made holidays in Kenya, which many safari providers cannot offer and which you should take advantage of. Your life will certainly be richer for it – and that’s a fact.

Build Your Own Itinerary

Your first step then in enjoying tailor-made holidays starting with a Kenya safari is to build your own itinerary. You are well-advised to keep these tips in mind while doing so:

• Determine the type of experience you want to enjoy while on the safari. Be as specific as possible about your desires and expectations so that the safari co-ordinator can make the appropriate arrangements in terms of travel time, planned locations, and provisions, among other factors.

• Discuss any concerns about the itinerary for the proposed luxury holiday so that these can be addressed by the safari co-ordinator as soon as possible. Ask questions even when these seem impertinent because it is your right to be provided with satisfactory answers.

Most important, adopt a mind-set of adventure because this is a safari, after all! Each one of your tailor-made holidays will be better when you have such an attitude.

Prepare Your Accessories

Although the safari co-ordinator will ensure that your safari-related needs will be addressed during the trip, you will want to make preparations of your own. These needs will include the transportation, accommodation and provisions like food and beverages for the trip, all of which are necessary to get you to and from the safari site in one piece, so to speak.

Your safari experience will be significantly enhanced with a few key accessories including but not limited to:

• Field guides depicting the flora and fauna complete with photos, distributions maps, and identification pointers of the safari place

• Binoculars to enable far-reaching views of the landscape including its flora and fauna

• Digital cameras preferably with zoom lenses and a collapsible tripod

You should also come prepared with your personal accessories like dark sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection, among others. Keep in mind that you are going out into the heat of the sun so being prepared with the appropriate sun protection is a must.

Be on Good Behaviour

This is the wilderness so it pays to be on your best behaviour. Keep quiet, look around and prime your senses so that you can catch sight of the animals in the area; being loud in the wilderness will certainly not work to your advantage.

Most of all enjoy the safari!

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