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How to plan your next backpacking trip

Setting the Obvious Minimum Requirements in Planning your Next Backpacking Vacation

Backpacking never went out of fashion! People frequently continue to trot different corners of the world in these trips. The culture survived valiantly despite the official formalities often posing hurdles in trotting from one country to another. In fact, nowadays the adventure planning is also possible online. You can easily book a short-term trip with a suitable travel service. However, backpackers need to attend to certain primary responsibilities. You have to set up a map, decide the route, take the bare minimum things, and start the trip. However, remember certain golden rules on the road. These can save you from much trouble out there, exploring the universe.

The identification paperwork

First, you need to decide on the stuffs you want to carry. Irrespective of your destination, you must carry the identification documents always. You never know when the road authorities demand to see them. Secure your paperwork in a safe latch of your backpack. Many travelers also keep the passport and other documents in the travel pouch bag slung over the waist. Make sure you are making the necessary waterproofing arrangements for these crucial documents. Speaking of water protection, look up suitable options to protect yourself from the rain also. Keep a handy polythene sheet somewhere tucked in the bag. It can be very helpful in covering your pack and your body in case of a rain. Carrying an umbrella is not a very popular backpacking trend.

Reducing extra load

The idea is to keep your load to a minimum. However, first you should buy a good backpack. It should be spacious and light. There must be multiple small pockets. You may want to carry your laptop. Check if the bag has safe arrangements. You can order good stuff from the internet. Obviously, you should carry your camera with you. You may have to buy a separate bag for the camera equipments. Of course, you can also buy from your local store. Anyways, make sure you like the design and utility aspects of the bag.

Once you have it, plan the components. Just because there is sufficient free space in the bag, it does not mean you have to stack it up heavily. Backpackers are also collectors. Besides memories of the road, you also keep on buying stuff. The road is unpredictable. It is good to keep some emptiness in the pack to accommodate the unpredictability. Keep the clothing stuff to a minimum. This may mean you have to put up with dirty clothes during travel, but that should be acceptable. Getting all dusty is similar to a passage of rites for the packer.

Enjoying the adventure

You ain’t any globetrotter if you don’t rumble with the road. It is an adventure. You must be able to enjoy the pleasantries of the tour. Usually, two to three jeans pairs serve the purpose very well. Denim is the favorite uniform of the traveler. It is persistent, stylish, and can hold dirt well for many days without looking dirty. Many people even find dirty denim as highly romantic. Yes, it is always a love affair with your blues. The backpacking trip is also a part of the affair. So, you may want to buy a few new pairs for the upcoming short-term vacation.

Advanced apartment booking

You must have a map. You should study it well in planning the trip. It is crucial to evaluate the accommodation arrangements along the way. The internet presents several good hotel booking websites. You can find a suitable apartment booking service and see the arrangements they provide. Check the preferred website. Discuss the different aspects such as costs and facilities. Visit website when you are sanguine on the quality of services. If you find apartments across your route map, it is only prudent to make advanced bookings online. This hugely simplifies your adventure. You do not have to spend time in looking for a good head stay for the night. You already reserved the place.

Probably, the best part of backpacking is the new friends you make on the way. In fact, many travelers also set out in groups. You meet strangers in different corners of the road, each with a different story. As the journey progresses, the stories also continue to evolve. You grow in the experience of a journeyman. Besides, the trips also present several adventure opportunities. You have to hike hills, cross rivers, pass busy thoroughfares, and dine at a new place every night.

Prepared for emergencies

As a final preparatory note, always keep a bunch of common prescription medicines handy. Maybe, you will never need them. Still, it is good to be safe on the road. Keep medicines for digestive problems surely. On the road, proper food habits go out of the roof. A stomach disorder is the last thing you want en route. Proper planning ensures you have an amazing trip.

Author bio: Nadav Ziv is the co-founder of TellaVista – an apartment booking engine. Here, he explains the facilities his company provides to backpackers in Israel. He has been a backpacker himself for many years.

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