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7 Loyalty Programs, Cards and Apps that frequent travellers need

There are endless loyalty schemes and products designed to make the journeys and trips of frequent travellers as stress-free, inexpensive and enjoyable as possible. Here are the seven that all great travellers and adventurers should be taking advantage of.

Waterstones Card
Whilst e-readers are becoming more and more commonplace, they are still not ideal for long distant travelling due to their finite battery life. Long haul flyers will in particular understand the necessity for a written companion during the long hours aboard a plane. The Waterstones Card gives you points for every purchase made which can be used in lieu of payment on future purchases. Furthermore, hostels the World over operate book swapping services wherein guests can leave a book and take a book, expanding their books read list and hopefully knowledge.

Starbucks Card
Tiredness and drooping levels of concentration are two foes of the frequent traveller and there are few pick-me-ups as globally available as Starbucks coffees. The Starbucks Card or myStarbucks App offers great incentives for weary travellers in need of a little extra energy for the next leg of the journey. This is particularly beneficial for business travellers who need to keep their attention levels high for presentations, meetings and seminars.

Hilton HHonors
With more than 530 Hilton hotels in 78 countries, there is a good chance that your destination will not be too far from a member of the chain. The Hilton HHonors scheme is one of the largest and most comprehensive loyalty programs in the World, offering exclusive benefits to its members. The four tier scheme offers a range of benefits from free stays for spouses in the basic package to full access to the executive floor as a part of the Diamond member package.

PartnerPlusBenefit by Lufthansa
Free membership to the PartnerPlusBenefit scheme entitles business travellers to incredible savings on flights from Lufthansa and their airline partners. The PartnerPlusBenefit (available in the UK at program can transport travellers to more than 500 destinations around the World whilst earning BenefitPoints that can be spent on flights, upgrades or other rewards. This scheme is particularly helpful for those who regularly travel on business trips.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards
If you require a rental car during a business or recreational trip, there are few schemes more beneficial and all-encompassing than Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. This flexible scheme even allows you to transfer your points to your spouse or domestic partner if they will benefit more directly from having them in their account. Being a Gold Plus member with Hertz makes the car rental process quicker and more efficient, perfect for those tired after a long haul flight.

Red Dotted Hanky
If you are staying in the country for your trip, the Red Dotted Hanky Loyalty Program can help you save money on train travel, hotel bookings and car hire. Receive loyalty points for every train travel purchase, hotel room booking and car rental that you make. These points can be used to redeem money spent on travel costs from Red Dotted Hanky.

Available on Android and iOS, Stocard allows you to easily store all of your loyalty cards in one simple App on your phone. This means that you won’t have to pack all of your loyalty cards and memberships when travelling or risk losing them in distant lands.

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