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Celebrating retirement with a long cruise

One of the great benefits of retirement is the freedom to indulge some of your great passions that were previously restricted by the responsibilities of the working life. If one of your great loves in life is travelling then one of the finest ways to celebrate your long career upon retirement is with a well-deserved holiday.

A cruise holiday combines luxurious relaxation with the opportunity to see a large number of different countries and the world’s most beautiful sights. Many of the most comprehensive cruise itineraries take upwards of 4 weeks and in some circumstances more. Such holidays are seldom possible for those who are in full time employment, so retirement is truly the perfect opportunity to enjoy such a sizeable luxury holiday.

Japan Grand Adventure – 27 Nights

The Diamond Princess spends just shy of 4 weeks touring around one of the world’s most enigmatic and charming countries: Japan. Immerse yourself in the great traditions of this ancient civilisation whilst enjoying the modern conveniences of one of the world’s foremost purveyors of technological progress. Starting in the capital Tokyo, passengers can enjoy the beauty of a city basking in the shadow of the majestic Mt. Fuji. The cruise takes in a number of the country’s great port towns and cities including Taipei, Kushiro and Otaru, granting you a unique look at the mystical culture.

The days at sea will be no less thrilling than the excursions with a multitude of different activities available on board. The Diamond Princess contains and on-board theatre and the Movies Under the Stars cinema. With 15 on-board restaurants, 24-hour room service and 17 day excursions, there is a fantastic variety of cuisines for you to enjoy.

Isles of the Mediterranean – 20 Nights

210514DSC_5161The islands of the Mediterranean are hugely popular with retirees due to their relaxed atmospheres, almost endless beauty and 300+ days of sunshine every year. Whether buying a retirement home to move to or just visiting a couple of times a year, the lovers of the Med keep returning year after year. If you want a tour of the splendours of the Mediterranean to discover the very best of what it has to offer then a cruise could be the ideal solution. Kicking off from the Greek capital of Athens, the cruise takes in Italy, France, Spain and a multitude of beautiful destinations steeped in history and sun.

The Seabourn Sojourn cruise liner has been described as one of the world’s most luxurious ships. The ship is no stranger to longer cruises having completed a 111-day round-the-world cruise from Los Angeles to England.

Oceania Around the World – 180 Days

If you have six months to spare and want to see every corner of the planet, then the Around the World tour from Oceania could be the cruise holiday for you. Taking in 5 continents, 44 countries and 89 different ports of call, the cruise accommodates 684 guests and offers (literally) a world of experiences.

The cruise starts in the holiday paradise of Miami, so you might as well have a short holiday there before the launch date to get the trip started the right way. Luxurious relaxation is central to the early stretches of the cruise, taking in small Caribbean ports before setting off for Asia and Australia. For the traveller hoping to enjoy some of the world’s greatest cultural experiences, no less than 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are visited.

Fears that 180 days at sea may be uncomfortable are alleviated by the stunningly spacious and well-equipped bedrooms and generous offering of gourmet cuisine offered by the celebrated chef Jacques Pepin.

The price for a ticket aboard the ship starts at $39,999 but this does include two-for-one offers and free first class round-trip airfare.

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