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Happy getaways to cheer you up!

Everyone needs a little cheering up every once in a while, and what better way to do this than by taking some time off work and going on an exciting, feel-good adventure?

Yodelling and Hiking, Austria

Why go for just a hike in the Austrian mountains, when you can learn the art of yodelling at the same time? This cathartic tradition combines two endorphin-releasing activities: singing and exercise. You’ll even get to visit the biggest yodelling horn in Europe! Bring some sturdy footwear and your best singing voice for this trip!

Port Lympne Wild Animal Experience, UK

Aspinall foundation gorillasOut of all the zoos and safari parks in the country, Aspinall Foundation’s Howletts and Port Lympne wild animal experience has got to be the most conservation-friendly set-up. Instead of travelling all the way to Africa, you can get the full safari experience at Port Lympne. Stay in their amazing, luxurious, on-site accommodation and wake up to the wild animals!

Zip Trek Adventure, Lake District

Experience the forest like a bird by taking on the Grizedale Forest 4.5km zipline course. Lasting roughly two hours, you really get a picturesque day out that doesn’t involve hiking on the ground. What better way to take in the Lake District’s beauty?

Spirit Festival, Bali

A real feel-good, bohemian festival, Spirit is packed with yoga, dance, and world music. Expect more than 150 workshops, inspirational speakers, and classes for the kids. In the evening, you can savour the best of Balinese street food. Spirit Festival also raises thousands and thousands of dollars for charities, so you’re doing good while you’re enjoying yourself.

Learning To Be A Cowgirl/boy, Australia

If you needed an excuse to visit Australia, this is the perfect reason: learning to become a cowgirl/boy. By day, you’ll learn how to shear sheep, herd cattle, and perform ranchwork. Once that’s tired you out, you can crash out in the farmhouse and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Enjoy a few beers and go for a swim with your horses!

Pack Rafting, Finland

Pack rafting opens up so many different options for you. Learn how to handle your raft on rough waters, pitch your shelter, and make your dinner. Hike and water-ride to your heart’s content! It’s the perfect way to really get back to nature.

Roman Cat Sanctuary, Rome

While some of the most striking Roman ruins were being excavated in this square, cats just started showing up and camping out in the archaeological digs. Looked after by local cat-lovers, Largo di Torre Argentina became an unofficial cat sanctuary. You can visit for free!

Art Safari

Budding artists can join other likeminded individuals to paint and draw some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Why keep a travel diary when you can record each day pictorially? This is a great opportunity to blow off some creative steam on holiday and enjoy a vacation surrounded by wild animals.

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