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Too much to do in delightful Denbighshire

I’d been planning a family day out in North Wales for some time, and when the time was right I chose Denbigh as a starting point. It was close by, but more to the point it seemed to offer plenty to do that would appeal as much to adults as to children.

We started the day by visiting Denbigh Castle, where the kids loved running around the ruins. Meanwhile we were able to take in the architecture and the panoramic views over gorgeous countryside. We also learned that Denbigh is named from the Welsh word meaning ‘small fortress’ – though I’d question their interpretation of this castle as small!

After spending a few hours burning energy exploring this area, it seemed a good idea to let the children indulge their creative sides (while I caught my breath), so we popped down the road and walked down to the Afon Ystrad. I had found online an activity for the young that blended nature collages with Beatrix Potter’s classic stories, and had printed out sheets: this was my chance to see if they worked.

These collages proved a great way to spend an hour or two. The whole family got involved and we all especially loved my daughter’s collage of one of the Flopsy Bunnies, that used leaves, twigs, flowers and seed pots to great effect. None of us were so impressed by my creation….

By this time we were more than ready for lunch, and laid out a picnic blanket on an idyllic spot by the side of a river. After we’d eaten we went down into Denbigh town, where we indulged in a little light shopping as well as making a game of spotting signs of the town’s market heritage. Finally we stopped for a cup of tea and freshly-made cake before setting off for the drive home. It wasn’t a long journey but both the kids were fast asleep in minutes, an unmistakeable result of a really good day out in North Wales!

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