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Top tastiest restaurants in Chester

There’s no doubt that Chester is one of the most historically important cities in the United Kingdom. It’s ripe with staggeringly well-preserved Roman architecture and medieval structures, from the largest military amphitheatre in the country to the worn sandstone of Athena’s shrine.

Chester High StreetChester was charged with the suppression of Boadicea’s uprising, back when it has its Roman name, Deva, and became a thriving trading port. When the Romans left in AD400, the city fell prey to pillaging Danes and Saxons, until it became derelict. Normans revived the city in 1070 and Chester castle was built – it housed Hugh the Wolf, nephew of William the Conqueror.

To this day, the Roman walls remain virtually intact, and you can go for a leisurely stroll along their 2 mile radius. Once you’ve seen all there is to see in Chester city, you’re likely to have a large appetite, so we’ve compiled a list of the best eateries on offer.

Barton Rouge

For the most decadent curry in Chester city, Barton Rouge provides sumptuous Indian dishes for even veteran spice addicts (as well as those with milder palettes). We hope you like naan breads, because the restaurant makes huge tear-and-shares, mounted on a stick! The only downside is that the tables are packed quite close together, as this is a popular eatery – it’s best to turn up at less congested time to fully enjoy your experience.


Although this is a chain restaurant, you’d never guess, considering the artisan goods on offer. While you wait, you can browse the Italian foodie shop and then sit down to a robust carb fest on a sunny day! You have to try the gorgeous focaccia.

Chez Jules

For French cuisine, Chez Jules is perfect. And surprisingly, it can cater for a multitude of dietary requirements; especially if you give them a little notice. The food is lovely and it’s a great excuse for a cheeky glass of wine. It would be rude not to.

Sticky Walnut

220514chester2A little known eatery that is becoming increasingly more famous in the city, due to the excellent cuisine on offer, the Sticky Walnut is a cosy intimate environment that has an amazing selection of wine and poshly presented dishes. If you’re looking for quantity over quality, this is the wrong place, but we can guarantee a wonderful culinary experience and fantastic service.

Hickory’s Smokehouse

If you’re desperate for some smoky American grub, you might want to book in advance. This restaurant is almost always fully booked. Seeing as Hickory’s has selected their produce through high quality, leading meat suppliers (such as 3663), hard core meat-lovers will have a field day here. Enjoy.

Siam Thai and Teppanyaki

For top class Thai food or an entertaining Teppanyaki experience, the Siam is a great option. Choose which dining experience you like the sound of best and relax in the ambient and beautifully decorated Siam restaurant. We’d recommend the red pineapple curry in the Thai area!

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