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5 apps to get you through your travels

If you’re thinking of going away this summer, you’ve probably got a lot to think about, from planning your itinerary to budgeting for flights. One thing that people often overlook however is the amount of waiting a holiday entails – be it in long dark tunnels on cross country trains or airport departure lounges. We often don’t take the time to consider how to keep ourselves entertained during these periods, but thankfully, there are a whole host of apps you can take with you to pass the time.


Long journeys can often make you feel like your brain is turning to mush, so give it something to work for with Letterpress. A supercharged version of Scrabble, not only can you find and make words, you can also hide your friend’s tiles and close in on them when the going gets tough. Ideal for those travelling in pairs, you might just find you have a better vocabulary after your trip.
Google Goggles

Goggle may have just invented its own glasses, but Google Goggles is something completely different – this handy app helps you identify famous landmarks simply by taking a picture on your smartphone. The revolutionary technology allows you to scan barcodes, QR codes and pictures, and will immediately load up a relevant article to tell you a bit more about what’s in front of you. If that wasn’t enough, you can also pass the time with its in built Sudoku puzzles and translate foreign text by scanning it. With all this available on your smartphone, it certainly beats carrying round a heavy guide book.


Popcorn Time

Being away from home can make us miss our home comforts, like being able to curl up with a DVD. Popcorn Time provides a simple to use interface for smartphones with access to some of the world’s biggest movies. Hailed by many online forums as the world’s ‘best free online movie streaming site’, you can check out the latest blockbusters without paying a penny. With movie downloads taking just 30 seconds, you could be touching down in the next country without even thinking about it.
Travel Quiz Guess

Far more fun than reading a guide book, Travel Quiz Guess tests your knowledge of some of the most exotic locations around the globe. Reviewers on the Google Play Store have commented on how it’s helped them out with their world knowledge, and it’s easy to see why. The app includes daily updates and photos from around the world, with the added incentive of achievements every time you progress, so you’ll be increasing your local knowledge while having fun.
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