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Bangkok’s raunchy sex shows prove an expensive fail

Get Thai’d…whatever that means, for me it is nothing but bad things. You can choose either that is kidnapping, stealing or scamming people. Lying them or cheat. Whatever that is!

Police in this city does not exist to me…them wearing the uniforms means as much to me as my morning urine! I have never in my life seen such an ignorance, rudeness and lairs! No law whatsoever and the bunch of mean, just bad..bad people gathered in one place.

At this stage I want nothing but to slap each and one of them in the face. And yes I am ashamed of that but I want to do that sooo badly. Just punch them hard, so hard that their nose will bleed and the teeth will fall out. But I know that’s one of the dreams I will never fulfill, only because I would go down to their exact level. Ah well, we always have to have something to hold on to. 😉

Thai skyline

Since I am here I’ve been nothing but either terrified, fighting, getting beaten, scammed….

Yes probably the worst/the funniest scam ever, since I was scammed while watching the Ping Pong show…As angry, upset and annoyed I was… again…when I thought about how it happened I just couldn’t stop laughing…

I watched girls playing ping pong with their vagina, them whistling or blowing down the B’day cake with them and I got scammed when watching this ?! I got scammed like a pussy and I am not even a lesbian! But anyway it ended up with taking all the money I had with me away from me!

Thai policeSince I was interested what would police do, I took my time just to basically laugh more since I knew their answer will be nothing but pathetically hilarious and of course when I told them I got scammed and what is the procedure they asked me if I’m having fun on their new year! Dude! Clearly, can’t you freakin see how happy I am right now?

Second thing Bangkok is known from its sex life, from its shows and amazing she males…but you get even scammed on this too….no news flash with this one.

But the worst thing is, I am willing to pay if its worth it. But I couldn’t tell a difference between the pole and the dancing girl. They both just don’t move. I mean If you want to scam me at least make me feel it was worth it. The worst shows I have ever seen and as cheeky as that sounds I shake my ass 100 times better than them. And the sad thing is I am not even exaggerating.

Bangkok gave me nothing but bad experiences, and as patient as I am I just don’t agree with the way they treat people.

They just don’t wish people well. It is all about scam. In Bangkok they are very aggressive, no hesitation in hitting on the girl nor a man. There is no argument it is only a physical solution.

Thai boy monksThey all are into praying so much, temples freakin everywhere but the way they are heading? I feel they want nothing but to burn in HELL!

The only great time I had here was when I was staying at the hosts places…But yet none of them is Thai…

Tomorrow…I’m running out of here. Wish I could say I’ll never be back in here but I know soon I will, and only to get away out of this country.

I hope the rest of Thailand won’t treat me the same way as Bangkok, but then for something good to come, something bad always has to happen, so now I do nothing but hoping for the best.

I know I am generalizing here and I hope Thai people will prove me wrong.

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