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How to crack your destination wedding planning

Even though almost all weddings come along with a mammoth amount of planning, at least in your own country you can turn up at your venue all gung-ho if they make a massive mistake. A destination wedding requires a careful approach to organisation. You may have to accept the odd mishap, but the pay-off can be immense. Not only is it possible to save money on the ceremony itself, but you can have your wedding and honeymoon rolled into one.

How great is that?

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Leave Plenty of Time

We’re talking more than a year here. If you want to make sure that most of your guests can make it to your ceremony, they’ll need a lot of notice. You also need plenty of time to make your plans. Make sure that your guests RSVP as soon as possible, so you can factor in attendance numbers.

Check Local Weather

Depending on where you’re travelling to, certain months of the year will be infamous for bad weather, extreme temperatures, or other natural issues. It’s always worth making sure you book your day at a time of year where the climate will suit you best. It’s really easy to find this information, as there are plenty of websites that provide annual weather information.

Mad bride pictureBilingual Wedding Planner

If there is one piece of advice you should take, hire a local wedding planner. This professional will have the insider’s knowledge and the ability to converse with the locals that you lack. They will really make or break the planning process; all you’ll have to do is keep up communication channels and make sure that your wedding planner understands exactly what you’re looking for. It’s so important to have someone on the ground, dealing with the preparations while you’re at home.

Scouting Trip

Pack your bags and take your holiday that year at your wedding destination. You can probably only afford to do this once, so make it count. Even if you just spend a long weekend there, it helps to check that your wedding is coming along smoothly (if only for peace of mind).

Wedding Websites and Video

Many important guests may not be able to come to your wedding, due to the fact that it’s halfway around the world! A great way to make your absent friends and family feel a part of this crucial moment in your life is to set up your own wedding website, so they can track your progress throughout your stay.

It’s also worth hiring someone to make a wedding video (in a situation where this is too costly, you can just ask an uncle with a camcorder to fill in!). Your loved ones can then see the country wedding venue and the ceremony for themselves.

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Make Things Easy For Your Guests

You may be the wedding mastermind, but your guests are in the dark and are relying on you to provide them with the correct information to reach your ceremony. A great idea here is a simple guest pack, including a variety of options for guests, depending on their financial capacity. Try to have fun with this, as it’s a great opportunity to get your guests excited for the wedding.

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