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Five incredible destinations you can visit on a UK cruise holiday

With more cruise ships on the seas and more passengers than ever experiencing their majesty, cruise companies are developing increasingly ambitious and innovative itineraries, exploring some of the most unique and interesting destinations in the world. Containing some of the world’s most prominent passenger ports, the UK has great access to many of these destinations.

Here are five incredible destinations that you can visit, just by hopping on a cruise ship from a UK port.

The Arctic Circle

Get one of the great bucket list entries ticked off by crossing the Arctic Circle. Cruising through the arctic waters at the height of summer allows for gloriously long days, granting passengers endless incredible views of unique snowscapes, ice formations and crystal clear waters.

A cruise aboard the Fred Olsen Balmoral curves through the Arctic Circle stopping off at a number of Norwegian ports, giving passengers the chance to enjoy the incredible geography of the area and the majesty of the Fjords.

Cruise ship at sunsetNew York

The planned route for maybe the most famous cruise journey of all time – the Titanic’s doomed trip; Southampton to New York remains enduringly popular with tourists hoping to enjoy the culture and the bustle of New York.

The upcoming Quantum of the Seas from Royal Caribbean is paying homage to the famous Titanic crossing by holding its very first journey along a similar route this November from Southampton to New York.


For those who have managed to accrue a couple of years’ worth of holiday days or are enjoying their retirement, a cruise from Southampton to Sydney is a truly unique and magical experience. The 49-night cruise from Cunard is a unique way of visiting many of the world’s most beautiful sights.

Crossing the breadth of the planet, the ship visits the Caribbean before cruising down the Panama Canal towards Los Angeles and San Francisco. The cruise then travels to some of the beautiful islands of the South Pacific before findings its way to Sydney.

After a 49-night cruise, the view of the Sydney Opera House from the seas makes for a spectacular end of the trip.

Rio de Janeiro

With the World Cup now over, Rio de Janeiro will have a slight semblance of normality about it again (as much as this vibrant city ever will have) as the football fans make their way home. A city of vivid colours, incredible architecture and unique culture; Rio de Janeiro is an unforgettable experience.

A cruise aboard the P&O Aurora takes in another of the World cup 2014 host cities, Recife, before travelling to the carnival capital of the world. The 8-night cruise provides all of the amenities for a relaxing trip before the hustle and bustle of Rio.

Honk Kong

Hong Kong’s varied history has helped the region develop into a cultural hotbed with an interesting tapestry of architecture, food and locals. As a former British Colony, there are still plenty of signs of an anglicised nation in Hong Kong mixed in with the more traditional Chinese foundations and the influence of the Japanese invasion during WWII.

The 42-night cruise from Southampton to Honk Kong takes in many of the treasures of Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and the United Arab Emirates before docking in its final destinations.

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