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Have e-cig, will travel? Not everywhere you won’t…

I rather enjoyed my Royal Brunei flight the other day. They spent a lot of time telling us that e-cigarettes were banned but clearly, as they make no smoke or smell, were in practice unable to tell whether or not they were being used.
Regulations vary around the world. Banned in Brazil and Argentina? Who would have guessed. In large parts of Australia possessing e-liquid is a crime and Japan bans its sale, but not use. For addicts this interactive map – supplied by retailer and manufacturer is actually useful.
Hovering over a country will highlight it in one of four colours to show what kind of regulation is in place:

Green – These are the countries in which ecigarettes are completely legal.

Orange – These countries tend to operate a two-tier system. This usually means regulation differs between non-nicotine products and nicotine products.

Red – Complete ban on ecigarettes whether they contain nicotine or not.

Grey – Countries where ecigarette regulation and legality isn’t clear.

Too squinty? larger map available here.

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