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Marvels of Myanmar

A rather virgin and exotic travel destination, Myanmar (Burma) offers a surreal outlook on South East Asian culture. One of the biggest fascinations of this country is the opportunity it gives you to experience a piece of Asia, that seems to have stood still in the sands of time since the British Colonial times.

If you and your group of friends are looking for a perfect break that offers rich exposure to history and culture, the marvels of Myanmar are worth exploring.

The Surreal Sights of Myanmar

The country has a lot to offer to all. It has over 4000 sacred stupas that are found across the mystic plains of Bagan. The multi talented monks, and feisty chin women with intricate tattoos on their faces, come together to offer unique travel experiences and encounters to all.

A rather liberating experience compared to the busy professional lives led back at home, this time-warped country doesn’t have 7-Elevens, fully functional ATMs or high speed Internet. Mobile phones don’t work here and holy men are treated like rock stars.
Burma, Pagan
Natural Wonders

Soak yourself into the natural wonders of this country by drifting down the Ayeyarwady in an old steamer. The beautiful beaches across the Bay of Bengal make for serene relaxation. Plan a trek through the minority villages and pine forests that are scattered throughout the Shan Hills.

For the Food Lovers

Burmese food is gaining popularity the world over. Dig into a variety of local dishes such as scrumptious bowl of mohinga noodles at breakfast as well as the fermented tea lead mixture that is a popular local dish. Do not miss out on Thi-Kayan rice wine that is served in a clay pot and be sipped with straw. Tea houses offer divine tea that is sweetened with condensed milk along with canapés, cocktails, and local eateries.

Attractions in Myanmar

The country’s attractions primarily belong in the area of spirituality. Complete with a number of temples, pagodas and historical sites, there is a lot to see on your first visit here.

Bagan for instance is the capital of the empire and one of the richest archaeological destinations in South East Asia.

Inle is a huge lake that is located right in the middle of Shan State. This shares its borders with Laos and Thailand at over 900 meters above sea level. Unimaginably beautiful, the weather here is much cooler than the rest of the country. This area is home to a number of lake resorts on stilts. You can take a long-tail boat ride that is given unique texture through the clumps of water hyacinths you find en route.
Inle Lake, Myanmar
If you are looking for some exotic beach time with your travel friends, visit the Ngapali Beach. It’s a 3 KM coastal stretch offering soft white sands complete with palm trees. Nabule Beach located 25 miles north of Dawei City is also famous for its golden sands.

The Kyaiktiyo, also known as the Golden Rock is a mystical pagoda that is built on a gold gilded boulder on the edge of a hill that is over 1100 meters above sea level.

That said, the country is quickly embracing change but is still in the early stages of its transformation. Over the last two years, there has been a massive uptake on tourism in this country. With a number of flights into Myanmar via Thailand, booking in advance makes it easier to optimise your trip.

Schwedagon Pagoda, MyanmarThe popularity also means that prices have doubled since the country first opened up. If you and you friends are looking for a relatively virgin and exotic destination, now is the time to head to Myanmar.


While visiting temples and pagodas it is important that you dress moderately. Women should always cover their knees and shoulders like the locals do.

Politeness and respect goes a long way when interacting with locals in Myanmar.

While the number of ATMs in the country is going up, it is also recommended that you carry with you some US dollars on your trip. Make it a point to carry smaller notes that are made no earlier than 2006.

The best time to visit the country is between November and February when the weather is cooler and less humid.

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