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Spotlight on: the Royal Family

The history of the Royal Family is a topic that interests tourists from around the world, and makes London one of the preferred UK destinations for getting to know the Royal Family. One of the most exciting things to do in London is experience a ‘royal view’ of the city and, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child, what better time to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family?

Places that are definitely worth seeing include: Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace and, home to the Queen, Buckingham Palace. The latter is one of the most famous London attractions and anyone with an interest in the Royal Family must experience this beautiful palace, if only to gaze in awe from beyond the palace gates. Kensington Palace and Hampton Court, on the other hand, are open to visitors all year round and offer intriguing facts and exhibits about the Royal Family. To help royal fans explore London fully, there is a selection of London sightseeing offers available that help tourists get a thorough look at the British Royal Family’s history and lifestyle.Hampton Court PalaceStep back in time at Hampton Court and explore royal traditions, dating back to Tudor times. Visit the palace to discover King Henry VIII’s crown; get lost in the world’s most popular maze; explore the Chapel Royal and relax in the sumptuous gardens. Plan a visit to Kensington Palace, and experience more recent events in the Royal household. Learn about Queen Victoria’s childhood and early years, or life in the palace when Princess Diana was resident. Kensington Palace is currently home to an exhibition called ‘Fashion Rules’, that displays royal fashion through the ages featuring dress collections from Queen Victoria, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princes of Wales.

If you’d like a fun look inside the modern Royal Family, The London Pass has recently published a light-hearted infographic representing members of the modern Royal Family tree. The infographic presents engaging details about individual Royals, including stories about the Queen’s exotic gifts and Prince Harry’s endearing nickname. Showcasing some of our favourite Royals, past and present, this trivia infographic focuses on four generations to reveal some curious information about these famous faces. With a new royal baby on the way, and not forgetting young Prince George, there will undoubtedly be plenty more interesting royal facts and figures to come.
The royal family tree

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