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Central Asia   31 Oct, 2014, 07:32
A ‘Hippy Trail’ busride across the Khyber Pass  
Donal Conlon

The glory days of Asian travel have to be the 1970’s, when an early wave of backpackers flooded into a whole new world of drugged-out colour. Donal Conlon digs out an old diary entry of his journey from Delhi to Kabul.

Africa   29 Oct, 2014, 11:24
In search of nightlife in not-so-wild Nouakchott  
David Jenkins

David Jenkins tries – and fails – to find excitement in Mauritania’s sandy capital. Too late now to tell him that had he asked a taxi driver to take him to a ‘Zaire Consulate’ alcohol could have been found.

Asia Pacific   18 Oct, 2014, 09:37
Fishing, toddy and seafood suppers: daily life on Kiribati Island  
Andy McGinlay

On Kiribati Island Andy McGinley settles in to an undemanding routine. Daily life proceeds at its usual, tropical Pacific pace, but when his departure date looms the stresses of the West aren’t slow to kick in.

Europe   16 Oct, 2014, 13:44
Active options on Italy’s Lake Garda  
Hollie Mantle

Hollie Mantle finds Italy’s Lake Garda isn’t just for a zimmer frame holiday. It can also be a perfect destination for an active break.

Africa   15 Oct, 2014, 15:19
Hunting permits shooting Namibia’s wildlife off its ledge  
David Marcus

Southwest Africa’s wildlife has enough problems. The place is a desert and rain rarely falls. But David Marcus finds a new rash of hunting permits poses a new and deadly threat.

Central Asia   15 Oct, 2014, 11:03
Stunned by the sights of Samarkand  
David Jenkins

Once important as a major part of the historic Silk Road, Uzbekistan makes a huge play of its heritage. After feasting on mosques, minarets, museums and medrassas, David Jenkins finds a new ‘m’ to wonder at: mausoleums.

Europe   14 Oct, 2014, 14:36
Riding Europe’s greatest rollercoasters  
Nicola Davies

Most people regard roller-coasters as just a thrilling buzz. Not if you’re a Psychologist. Dr Nicola Davies takes research to giddying levels as she tests the thrills at the greatest rides in Germany and Austria.

Americas   12 Oct, 2014, 12:28
A close encounter with a Galapagos’ shark  
Paula Wheeler

Paula Wheeler dons scuba gear and grabs her camera. On the Galapagos Islands even the sharks seem friendly. Or so she’s assured by her Ecuadorian guide.

Middle East   10 Oct, 2014, 09:32
Now may actually be a good time to visit Iraq  
Joseph Shawyer

When all news is of Isis, most travellers shy clear of Iraq. But neglect – and a lack of tourists – mean many of Mesopotamia’s ancient treasures are crumbling back to dust. Joseph Shawyer says this might be your last opportunity.

Asia Pacific, Editorials   10 Oct, 2014, 08:21
Survival Chinese – 8 essential language tips for trips in China  
James Mason

Although there are loads of Chinese dialects, the most useful – and the official – language is Mandarin. James Mason says learning a few phrases can transform your travels.

Editorials, Pole to Pole   8 Oct, 2014, 12:43
Travel and health – the value of a wellbeing focus  
Emily McLaren

Incurable wanderluster Emily McLaren says travel is great, but you should always keep a weather eye on your health. Each travel experience brings both physical and mental issues and potential threats.

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