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The ultimate holiday: sun vs. ski

Not many of us are lucky enough to go on two holidays every year, so that leaves us to face a very important question – Ski or Sun? This can be very tricky to figure out, as both are pretty awesome. Do either really have an edge over the other? Let’s explore:

Image: Piperfighter/Flickr

Image: Piperfighter/Flickr

What is there to do?

When you go on a snow holiday there are many options open to you, you can spend the day skiing, try your hand at snowboarding or even fly down the mountain on toboggans. Anybody who has been skiing will tell you that it is an incredibly fun activity and thanks to changes in the weather and many different slopes it won’t be the same day after day.

Sunny holidays let you chill by the pool/beach and you can go for a little swim. There are plenty of pool side games that you can play, such as volley ball, racket ball, catch… well, anything that involves passing a ball back and forth really! Because you know it’s going to be hot and sunny all day you can plan to have a holiday spent entirely by the pool.

Which is more fun?

If we are being honest, skiing or snowboarding is a lot more fun than just lying around on the beach soaking up the sun. You’re getting out there making some amazing memories, having fun with your friends and staying fit. Plus you’re not putting yourself in danger of getting sun burn!

When it comes to a night on the town lots of people think that beach bars have the advantage, but the truth is that ski towns know how to party! There are plenty of bars, night clubs and pubs around to provide you with all the night time atmosphere you can handle.

Get some winter sun

Going skiing doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on getting an excellent tan. Thanks to being high up in the mountains, you get much more of the sun’s rays which can give you an excellent glow. This means that you get to come off your winter holiday with a summer looking glow, making all your friends and family very jealous. Best of all, this comes at a time in the year when most other people have a sullen, pale demeanour about them.


When you go on a sun holiday you typically stay in a generic villa or a bland hotel room, but you don’t mind as long as there is air conditioning. In the summer heat it can almost be unbearable to be indoors, so accommodation doesn’t really matter all that much.

In Conclusion

Skiing in the Alps allows you to stay in style, with beautiful, authentic French ski chalets with all the trimmings. Want to sit in a hot tub drinking beer with friends and family? No problem, your chalet will probably have one! There are plenty of luxury accommodation options and, unlike hot weather holidays, you can actually enjoy it!

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