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Why sailing is best to explore Greece’s islands

The waters surrounding Greece and its Islands are steeped in myth, legend and history. It was here, between the heel of Italy and the white shores of Greece that the battle of Actium took place, which proved to be the downfall of Cleopatra and gave rise to the first emperor of the Roman Empire; Augustus, the last son of Caesar. For thousands of years, sailing ships transported many a historic figure across this sheltered part of the Mediterranean, so why now, should you travel any differently? Any other form of transport, be it plane, ferry or car, limits you to commercialised routes, but a sailing boat with you at the helm? It can take you anywhere and everywhere.

Having command of your own vessel means you have absolute control. You are not limited by resort minibuses, transport routes or timetables. You go where you want, when you want. The Greek Islands are host to a smorgasbord of different leisure activities and to limit yourself to just one island is to limit your ability to enjoy and experience these activities. Sailing about these incredible seas gives you that sense of adventure rarely achieved in modern life. With only a few hundred inhabited islands, and thousands of uninhabited ones, you can really experience the what is it like to be an explorer, venturing through unchartered lands. For many, the idea of becoming a real life Robinson Crusoe is a dream come true, but for others a venture in the Greek Islands would be a more relaxing affair.

For that, you might imagine that a resort is the place to be, but once again sailing trumps the lot. For, as a far as a relaxing time goes, there’s nothing more serene than lounging on the shore of a totally deserted tropical-esque beach. The sheer amount of islands allows for a wide range of out of the way coves and cut off beaches featuring soft sand and peace and quiet. Although unreachable by land, a boat can easily dock in the calm waters in these unique environments.
Greek Island from a boat
Perhaps though, the greatest benefit that sailing about the Greek Islands can bestow upon you is the ability to visit all the ancient greek and roman wonders scattered across the countries many isles. For example, if you were to stay on the island of Corfu, you might be able to see the ancient Palaiopolis, but you’d miss out on such wonders as the holy sanctuary in Delos, of the Cyclades, or the ancient temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina. Instead of being trapped on one island, you can do your research, pick the places you want to see and then simply just go there.

Sailing about the Greek islands is the only way to really see them. The limitless nature of the transport you are using opens up every door these beautiful places have to offer. From culture to leisure, you can do it all. Add to that, mooring fees about the Greek Islands are exceptionally low and are more often than not, free, keeping the price of your trip down and keeping your ability to explore up.

Nothing biased about this, of course. Cliff Blaylock runs Deep Blue Yachting in Corfu.

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