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Private yacht charter: the ultimate Ibiza

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Ibiza?” Let’s just say: beautiful beaches, exotic women, luxury yachts around the clear blue ocean, music contribution of well-known DJs and a variety of other interesting things. For the sake of a classy holiday, the island located in eastern Spain is the ultimate holiday destination.

130415CaptureIbiza is an ancient Spanish word meaning “party all night.” Perhaps the meaning is not literal, but this island is one of the most favorite nightlife locations in Europe. Ibiza has a coastline of over 100 miles with 50 beaches and plenty of restaurants, bars, nightlife, and of course, an infinite number of boating opportunities.

On a privately chartered yacht there are no limits to the parties of your own you can hold: it can be a true party boat. You can experience a midday feast on board each and every day while surrounded by the clear blue waters of the exotic Mediterranean Sea. Sunlight reflecting on the water will darken your tan to provide a lasting memory of your summer holidays.

A boat party is the ultimate consummation of an Ibiza clubbing tour. You don’t just board a boat from sunrise to sunset: it’s your home for the duration. There are many choices of party boat in Ibiza. On the boat, there is a DJ ready to accompany you all day, and cocktails are always served at the bar for a drink whenever you want.

But, if you want to enjoy the sea alone as a couple, you can use Yacht charter in Ibiza. You can enjoy the amazing world of the Balearic Islands alone with your spouse and spend a fabulous holiday.

1304151CaptureThere are various reasons why it is advisable to use yacht charter. The most important reason is to pamper you with all the luxury that can only be experienced by renting a yacht.

It is private if you really want to get personal comfort when enjoying a holiday without unwanted interference from any party. You can be aloof from other undesirable social lives that may be able to change your current mood when sailing with a private yacht charter with your partner.

If there is a sudden change in the weather, you have your own option to promptly move. You are free to choose where you will go and how long you will stay in accordance with the amount of time available.

A luxury yacht is an expensive way to go, but maybe not as much as you think. Compared to the cost of accommodation it’s much more affordable than you might think and provides excellent value for every spent penny. Rent for a day starts at just EUR2,000. It already includes all costs such as a suitable skipper to make your trip comfortable, stress free and safe.

There are some things that can’t be fully enjoyed on the beach. The vast ocean is a new world for outdoor activities. You can catch fish for your supper and dive over the side to swim with turtles. There’s nothing to match the tan you get while sunbathing on deck, with a gentle breeze mixed with the salt air and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun: your tan will deepen with every passing day.


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