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The best foods to try in Europe

Once of the best parts of travelling is experiencing the culinary delights of other cultures. Food is an exciting aspect of exploring a new place, and can help create memories, relationships and new passions. We’ve collected some of our favourite European foods to try on your next trip.

Real Italian pizza

You really can’t beat an expertly crafted pizza with fresh ingredients, especially when you’re enjoying it in the glorious Italian sun. You’ll never look at this fast-food staple in the same way when you’ve had it how it should be – in sight of ancient Roman monuments and fresh from a stone oven.

Nordic Fika

After experiencing Scandinavian delights such as the Northern Lights, reindeer and iconic, minimalist artwork, there’s nothing like fika. A favourite pastime of local Swedes and Norwegians, fika is the simple pleasure of drinking good coffee and eating sweet pastries, preferably paired with the company of good friends. The tradition is taken very seriously, with cinnamon buns, almond cakes and open-faced sandwiches regarded as a crucial part of the culture.

German currywurst

Innuendo aside, the German sausage is a major cultural highlight. There’s even a museum in Berlin dedicated to the popular food, which comes in hundreds of varieties and is often served with ketchup and curry powder sprinkled on top. A fantastic street food, especially when combined with Oktoberfest.

Spanish paella

Spain is definitely a land of passion. Despite the apparent simplicity of paella, getting the rice and seafood dish right is something the Spaniards take very seriously. With fragrant saffron flavours and aromatic mixtures of seafood and gently sauteed vegetables, paella is definitely a taste sensation.

We hope we’ve helped you to plan your next big foodie trip. The quality of European food is very underrated across the world, and is a fantastic way to truly immerse yourself in culture. Just remember to always carry your EHIC card (European health insurance card) with you, to make sure that you’re always covered for any accidents or illnesses along the way. Don’t use any service that tried to charge: an Ehic card is free to European residents. Nobody likes to stress about European health insurance after all, especially when you could be booking yourself into a nice restaurant!

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