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A stylish weekend in Andalusia’s Seville

Before boarding my flight to Seville, I had in my mind visions of men bull-fighting and playing old Spanish love ballads on guitars as they walked through the streets searching for lost loves. I had visions of wide Spanish promenades overflowing with Seville oranges. You see in my mind, I had visions of an authentic Spain. And to my delight (and astonishment) I was not disappointed.

Whilst most people I know will scuffle off in their droves to the heaving hulls of Ibiza or Marbella, there lies to the far South of the country, a much more relaxed and genuine version of Spain.

I arrived at the hotel – Las Casas de la Juderia – a sprawling labyrinth of a hotel which has been constructed by using a variety of old houses interspersed with Arabic mosaics and secret underground coves and patios, (not to mention a rooftop pool where you can spy the old rooftops of the city and hear the sounding bells of the cathedral reminding you of the impending ‘siesta’ – a perfect, quiet time to nip out to the street cafes that are still open while Spain is in repose to feast on a jug of sangria or a Spanish beer).
Sevilla architecture
Your afternoons can be spent lounging further at the pool in the intense Spanish sunshine or why not visit the Real Alcazar of Seville – the oldest of the European royal residences. The Alcazar is in fact a series of different buildings all highlighting different eras in Spanish history originally dating back to the Moors in the 9th Century. One of the most beautiful strongholds you are sure to set eyes upon which boosts a Mudejar Palace and a Gothic Palace by its side.

At around 4 in the afternoon the streets will fill again with a gentle bustle, and you can take your time with some small paella tapas dishes or beautiful homemade gazpacho topped with boiled egg and spring onion from the many restaurants lining the streets off the bustling courtyard where the incredible Seville Cathedral and Giralda Tower lie.

In the lazy, last sun-kissed hours of a Spanish afternoon, visit the beautiful Spanish curio shops also dotted around the Cathedral and Giralda Tower; you can buy handmade Spanish sangria jugs and tapas sets for some very reasonable prices not to mention the prints of the famous flamenco dancers or beautiful hand-painted fans. At dusk, take a walk through the gardens close to the hotel where you can hear the cicadas humming lazily.
Seville skyline in the evening
Visit a little outdoor bar for a few jugs of sangria watching how languidly the day turns into night and the passers-by get ready for a night out. The bars will be filled with beating rhythms and huge hanging hulks of jamon.

Choosing a restaurant for the evening will be a difficult task as there are many to tempt you all lining the outskirts of the Cathedral in the old town. Try not to miss a horse carriage tour of Seville either which will enable you to see some of the most beautiful sights of the city. Round up the evening with a Flamenco show at the Museo del Baile Flamenco, it will no doubt leave you dancing your way back to the hotel in the warm night air.

All in all this magical place will leave you feeling like you are counting down the moments until you return and wishing you were already there again.

Photos courtesy of Shutterstock.

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