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Things to do on safari in South Africa

A trip among the wildlife of South Africa offers an experience life no other. With many locations and activities to choose from, visitors can easily arrange their ideal safari adventure with the help of the Safari Consultants. From observing endangered rhinos to kayaking among ferocious crocodiles, you can find tips on some suggested activities below.

Choose How You Would Like to Tour

In South Africa, there is a variety of public and private game reserves and national parks for self-guided and professional tours. Self-guided tours offer tourists more control over their safari experience, while professional tours are driven and directed by the guides. The reserves, parks and retreats you can observe wildlife at include:

• Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, offering the chance to experience a luxury safari tour on private grounds
• Inverdoorn Game Reserve, home to a cheetah reserve and flexible accommodation
• Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, where you can admire a variety of marine wildlife

South African safari adventures cater to a range of budgets, ideal for tourists, families and honeymooners.

Drift Along with the River Wildlife

Why not take a trip along one of the many rivers of South Africa and get up close and personal with the crocodiles and hippos native to this country. Cruises along rivers such as the Kariega River will put you among some of the world’s most dangerous animals, able to be admired from the safety of your boat.

For the more daring adventurers, a canoe trip is an extremely rewarding activity. Guided by experienced professionals, wade along serenely admiring the birds in the trees and magnificent beasts in the river and along the banks. Accommodation during these experiences is often in tents on islands and river banks.

Admire the Ferocious Crocodile

A particularly memorable experience for many while on safari in South Africa is getting to see crocodiles up close, whether on a boat cruise or while kayaking. This dangerous and impressive animal is a regular sight in and on the banks of South Africa’s rivers, offering an exhilarating encounter for tourists.

At the Kewna Gardens Crocodile Sanctuary, visitors have the chance to see up-close hundreds of Nile crocodiles, including two of the largest in the world. It’s an exhilarating experience recommended for all visitors to South Africa, especially families.

Witness Endangered Rhinos and Track Elephants

At various game reserves throughout South Africa, visitors have the chance to observe magnificent rhinos and elephants. The Hluhluwe & iMfolozi Park is particularly ideal for witnessing populations of black and white rhinos and the conservation efforts being put in place to protect these endangered species.

A South African safari would not be complete without seeing the largest land animal of them all. The African elephant is a breathtaking sight, and there is plenty of opportunity to track these magnificent animals with experienced guides.

See and Hear the Sharks up Close

For the ultimate experience of the ferocity of nature, look no further than cage diving with sharks. This is one for the brave but the experience will last with you forever. Those wanting to try this activity needn’t be certified in diving, or even a great swimmer. You will simply be inside a secure cage underwater from where you can observe this magnificent creature in action. Coastal locations such as Durban offer great cage diving opportunities.

Get Closer to Nature on Horseback

Riding on horseback through the landscapes of South Africa is as close to nature as you’re going to get. You can ride at your own pace alongside the giraffes, gazelles and wildebeest at locations such as Endalweni Game Reserve, the iSimangaliso Wetlands and the Wild Coast. With an experienced guide, spotting the big five animals is possible this way also.

Take to the Skies

For a unique view of South Africa and its marine wildlife, take to the air in a microlight flight. Setting off from Durban, you’ll have the chance to witness the wildlife of the seas in great clarity. Particularly, you’ll be able to observe sea turtles, dolphins and whale migrations in the clear waters below.

Take in the Culture of South Africa

While on safari, enrich your experience by taking in the culture of the area. South Africa is home to many small villages that you can visit to get a glimpse of traditional life, offering a rewarding trip.

At the Lesedi Cultural Village, visitors get the chance to see many aspects of South African life, from the cuisine to tribal music. Not only is it culturally enriching, but also fun with arts and crafts demonstrations, traditional beer tasting, and song and dance.

Combine Luxury and Wildlife

If you’re looking for a combination of wildlife and luxury, South Africa is the place to be. Honeymooners and families will especially enjoy the upmarket safari experience found on Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, where you can stay at an extravagant game lodge and benefit from a range of entertainment and activities.

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