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3 African escapes which are still safe

With all the bad things happening in the news lately, many world travelers are a little hesitant to go places around the globe that were once deemed free of turmoil and exotic. However, there are still a few locations that are safer than you may think, and would be ideal for a family vacation or for your next adventure. Africa is a very diverse country and has a lot to offer, so you can rest assured that there is something to do for everyone. Here are three places in Africa that you can still go to worry-free, and be guaranteed a fantastic time by yourself or with the family.

Marrakech City Break

Deep in the heart of western Morocco is a city that is more beautiful than anyone could imagine and full of places to visit for great excitement and cultural value. Marrakech, also known as the “Red City” is home to vibrant marketplaces, gardens, ancient palaces, and several other historic buildings and streets to explore. The winding alleys of the courtyards will take you through some of the most breathtaking sights to be seen and you will feel as if you had fallen back in time. This busy, but quiet city, is definitely a safe haven in Africa and will be more welcoming than you could ever dream of. Find out more on Marrakech breaks here.

Safari In Botswana

plane over africaWhen you think of Africa, one of the first activities that comes to most people’s minds is a safari. Getting an opportunity to step into the wild and watch nature at its best is a very thrilling though, and also one of the more popular ones in the African region. Arranging to go on a safari in Botswana is one of the best things that you can do, because the people are friendly, the environment is safe, and there are plenty of animals who live in the land that would be able to satisfy your journey there. The Botswana people have an extensive knowledge of their area and can take you out to see a wide variety of animals that you won’t get to see anywhere else in the world in their natural habitat. In addition to that, they will go over all of the safety procedures with you so that you can have the very best experience in the African continent.

Egyptian Beach Break

Even though Egypt holidays are most famed for it’s stunning pyramids in Giza and their magnificent Sphinx, there is much more to the country than just these icons. An Egyptian beach break might be just the thing for a person to get away to and enjoy the warm sun, crystal blue waters, and white sands during a relaxing getaway. The waters are typically warm and there are many beach resorts that you can stay in that even have pools with swim up bars and daily meals served. These resorts are perfect for just taking a break from the hectic side of your life and enjoying African culture in a slightly different way.

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