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5 places to visit in the UK on a budget

The UK is a fantastic place to explore and there is so much to see and do. It may have the reputation for being slightly on the pricey side, but there is plenty to do on a budget, whether you hire a campervan and drive around on your own or hop onto some tours and stay in one place. Here are 5 spots we’d recommend to anyone visiting the UK with tight pursestrings…


060815st michaels mountThe Cornwall Coast is one of the most beautiful water locations in all of England as it is located right on the edge of the Celtic Sea. It does not cost much money to visit Cornwall as there can be some reasonable accommodations found, and many of the fun activities do not require spending. Surfing, hiking, and bicycling are just some of the options you will have along the Cornwall Coast. In addition to that, taking a drive down the side of the peninsula can be a fun filled activity all by itself.


The city of Manchester in England is one that is rich in history, culture, but also in football. There are stories to be told on every corner of town, and taking the time to stroll down the streets and visit landmarks like Old Trafford, where the famous Manchester United get their game on. There are many small streets to explore and plenty of shops to look in aside from all of the authentic English pubs and cuisine to try on your journey. Manchester is also home to the National Football Museum for those who are interested in sports.

Yorkshire Dales

When people think of the quaint English countryside, like what they are imagining is the Yorkshire Dales, which is the area home to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The green hills and endless beautiful fields are accompanied by river valleys and endless scenic views. Yorkshire is one of the most historic counties in all of the United Kingdom, and many people come to take a lazy day’s drive but it is also perfectly acceptable to do a little hiking in the area. Don’t forget to bring your camera and get good travel insurance if you are going to do lots of strenuous activity!

Loch Ness

In northern Scotland is the town of Inverness, which is most famous for the big, black, Loch Ness lake. Loch Ness is rumoured to be home to the gigantic sea monster named Nessie, who has puzzled scientists and visitors for decades as they look to spot her in action. In addition to that, there is a castle just on the edge of the loch that is able to be visited and will take you back a few decades in time. There are also many walking paths around Loch Ness that make for an enjoyable day activity. Bear in mind that even during the summer months, this part of Scotland can get quite cold so pack accordingly.


In southern England in the county of Wiltshire is the ancient landmark of Stonehenge, which is thought to be built sometime between 3000 BC and 2000 BC. Visiting the historic structure doesn’t cost much and is a fairly beautiful drive to get to the location, and it also makes for a fun place to walk around and enjoy the scenes. Stonehenge is one of the most recognized world heritage sites and to this day remains a mystery as to just how it was built so many centuries ago.


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