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A road trip around Oceania – here’s where to go


On your road trip, please make sure that you include Christchurch on your itinerary. A true natural treat, the city of Christchurch is a beautiful example of beauty even in the face of destruction. Despite suffering two serious earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, the city continues to thrive, giving sites such as the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Orana Wildlife Park, Victoria Clock Tower, among a host of natural and architectural wonders around. Your trip here certainly won’t be a waste, and it’s a great place to pick up a campervan and head off around the country.

Milford Sound

Stop over on your tour at Milford Sound, a spectacular invitation to indulge in true natural goodness. Praised over the years by many, Milford Sound easily earns its reputation with its peaceful scenery, stunning sites, and continuous charm. The feature is located in the South Island of New Zealand, and was made over time by glacial action in the ice age. Today, that has created a beautiful waterway, with tantalizing cliffs interrupting the waterways with waterfalls. It is well worth the trip.

Great Ocean Road

Since you are on a road trip, you will definitely love the convenience of enjoying ravishing coastal scenery from the comfort of a moving car. If so, the Great Ocean Road should be on your itinerary. This coastal slice of heaven in Australia’s south eastern coastline stretching a whooping 243 kms of beautiful coastline scenery. Indulge yourself across 10 major cities and a plethora of natural sites in-between. This should definitely get on your road trip itinerary.

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Gold Coast

On the East Coast of Australia’s very long coastline lies another stop you should consider making: the Gold Coast. Aptly named, this place is filled with pure thrill, with a vibrant populace, exciting social scene, beautiful natural wonders, and of course its stunning coast! With affordable accommodation around, have no reason not to park and explore this area’s exciting scenes.

Cradle Mountain

Famed for its beauty and aptly praised for her stunning scenes, the Cradle Mountain begs for a visit! Snuggled in the heart of the Tasmania district, it is not surprising that this area is one of the most visited tourist spots within this region. Head over to the Dove Lake car park at the Cradle Mountain- Lake St Claire National Park, and take a grueling hike up its challenging ascent. While the climb is definitely steep, the scenes are ever so rewarding and the experience will be very memorable.


Sydney is the most iconic Australian city, and is commonly mistaken for the capital of the country. This is purely understandable, as the city plays host to the country’s most recognizable piece of Australian architecture, the Opera House. Beautiful during the day and stunning at night, this feat is but just one attraction that Sydney has in its arsenal. The Queen Victoria building, St. Mary’s Cathedral, State Theater, among are tasteful reminders of exquisite Australian architecture. However, there is a lot of natural wonder around as well, with stunning beach sites and alluring natural reserves to be seen. You can easily hire a campervan here and use it as the start of end of your road trip.

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