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A video selfie from the island of Bali

Time was we laughed at Japanese tourists posing in front of iconic landmarks but then the selfie generation has brought that into the mainstream. Jacob Laukaitis adds video technology to bring boring self-portraits to to life as he explores some of Bali’s most beautiful places. There are great insights into some of Bali’s most remote and interesting places. And almost always, Jacob in front of them. Worth a look though, even if just for some great go-pro footage of motorbiking around the island, and likely to lead to a few hours of wilfing.

By the author:

My name is Jacob Laukaitis. I am a digital nomad – a Wi-Fi and computer powered traveler, who can work anywhere as long as I have those two things. Because of this, I can travel for 9-10 months a year which lead to me visiting over 30 different countries in the last 2 years. Currently I am working on, which I co-founded a year and a half ago.

Last time I was in Bali about a year ago I stumbled upon that massive abandoned hotel. However, this time around I forgot where it was, so I was googling “abandoned places in Bali” and discovered that there’s a plane as well. It was really hard to find, but eventually I succeeded.

I found it fairly easily – it was merely 5 minutes by bike from the Pandawa Beach. Nobody knows for sure how that airplane got there. There are multiple versions, such as: somebody wanted to squat in there, somebody wanted to open up a restaurant or a bar, but nothing’s clear. Now it’s guarded 24/7 so apparently the land and the plane belongs to someone. Maybe they’ll turn it into a tourist attraction.

The best part is that everyone can visit the lost plane. The only thing is you are not allowed to go inside, but everybody can see it from above. The first time I went there I was unsuccessful in bribing the guards. The second time they were friendlier and eventually I got in for about $7.

Jacob is the founder at, that somehow sponsors his travels.

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