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Five tips for chartering a superyacht

A superyacht is a privately owned luxury yacht that is more than 24 meters long and is professionally crewed. It may be a sailing or motor yacht and may be used exclusively by its owner or available for commercial charter. There are an increasing number of small superyachts being built today, so the terms gigayacht and megayacht have been introduced to differentiate yachts that are more than 100 meters long.

Pic Luis Pérez Contreras/flickr

Pic Luis Pérez Contreras/flickr

Thousands of superyachts are chartered each year all over the world. They are the preferred vacation transportation and accommodation for billionaires and celebrities. Sometimes a company may charter a superyacht for the use of employees. There are some things you should consider about chartering a superyacht before you select the boat you want.

Things to Consider before Chartering a Superyacht

The first thing to decide is if you want a motor or sailing yacht. The vast majority of people who charter superyachts want motor yachts, but about five percent of people want a sailing yacht. Both types of yachts have similar luxuries and facilities. However, there is a very different type of clientele who want a sailing yacht. Motor yachts are like small floating hotels or large floating villas such as Azmi Mikati’s superyacht, but a sailing yacht will tilt when the wind is blowing. Real sailors enjoy the sailing experience. You can also choose facilities and amenities such as spa services, a cinema and water toys.

Select Your Destination

Yachts often only travel seasonally and may stay in one region for the whole season. If you would like to sail in the Mediterranean, your selection of superyachts will be different than if you want to sail in the Caribbean. Most people like to sail to famous or popular destinations where there are onshore actions, but some like to find secluded and quiet bays or inlets.

Think about Your Budget

The low-end cost of chartering a superyacht is usually about $150,000 per week, which doesn’t include food, fuel, alcohol and port and communications charges that usually add up to 25 percent of the charter cost. This needs to be paid up front.

Select Your Leader

If you charter the yacht, this isn’t a problem, but if you join with others to pay the bill, you’ll need to decide who gets the master cabin, how long you stay in ports, what time breakfast is served and many other things that are better decided by one leader of the cruise.

Select Your Crew

Brokers say the crew is more important than the yacht. Some options are informal crew members dressed in shorts and T-shirts, or formal crew in smart uniforms. Your boat may be great, but if the crew isn’t, you won’t have a happy cruise. Your crew includes the chef, who may recommend a menu that offers a variety of selections. Pic Berlk/FlickrYou’ll need to specify if a guest needs vegetarian food or if a guest has a gluten allergy. The best way to get a suitable chef for your needs is to learn the background and expertise of several chefs.

Chartering a superyacht is one option for enjoying a luxurious vacation. With a little advanced planning, you can have a great cruise with all the features and amenities you desire.

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