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Recycling hotel reservations benefits everyone – especially you

Recycling hotel reservations benefits everyone – especially you

A year or two ago, my wife and I stayed at a quiet little boutique hotel. It was designed to accommodate three couples at a time, but that week they’ve had two cancellations, and so we ended up being the only couple there.

We thought that this would benefit us, but ultimately it was a little bit overwhelming. We were constantly being taken care of. The staff were slightly overeager. The management did everything it could to ensure we were “comfortable” (at the cost of the comfort of being alone!).

I mentioned these small gripes to the manager at the end of our stay, and he admitted that they were all feeling under pressure due to the cancellations. Staff were worried about the tips they were missing out on. The management were worried about losing the high reviews they relied on to attract more guests. They were also worried that we’d feel not lonely but isolated.

I had thought that since they had a no refunds policy, the cancellations wouldn’t matter to them. This information was therefore quite eye-opening.

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A problem for the whole industry

With a little more digging, I found out that this is not just a problem for small boutique hotels. The entire hotel and travel industries suffer from cancelled reservations.

Hotels rely on in-house revenue for much of their profit. Food, entertainment, and other services bring in a lot of money. Tourist sites rely on the hotels being full.

Yet, over 220 000 hotel reservations are cancelled every day in the US alone! It’s a problem for the entire industry, but a company called Roomer have found a way to capitalize on it.

Recycling hotel rooms reservations

classy hotel bedroomRoomer recognized that, since so many reservations are cancelled on a daily basis, there are millions of hotel rooms standing empty around the globe, despite having been paid for. At the same time, there are people who would love to make use of those rooms, but just cannot afford to.

I found out about Roomer when looking for discounts for my most recent trip. I stumbled onto their hotel-marketplace, which showed a range of high quality hotel rooms at incredibly low prices.

Hotel rooms around the world were going at 70 to 80% discounts (or more). Yet they weren’t being advertized as low quality rooms. These were reservations at 4 and 5 star hotels.

What makes it possible, is the concept of recycling reservations – taking those unused bookings and selling them at a cheaper price, rather than cancelling.

The hotel industry is more than okay with it

Although they’re not making any more money off the bookings, the hotel industry is totally behind this venture. It means that they don’t have to miss out on revenue because of cancellations. It means that they get the reviews they need.

111215hotel room 4Many hotels and agencies have therefore partnered with Roomer to increase the breadth of the service. You can find hotel rooms around the world at cheap prices – even if no one else had previously booked them – as hotels offer users of Roomer exclusive deals.

Their wide range options has made Roomer very popular. They were voted by readers of USA Today as one of 2015’s top 3 travel websites/apps.

The customer service is fantastic

I was skeptical at first about what to expect. I worried that I’d turn up at the hotel and they’d have nothing under my name. That they’d still have the name of the original holder of the booking, and would not let me check in. Or worse – that they’d tell me the booking never existed in the first place.

But Roomer takes care of that. They verify that the booking is real, including the accuracy of all the details, and they work out the logistics for you.

Payment is similarly convenient and safe. You never have to deal directly with the seller. It’s all done through a secure payment system. You only give your details to Roomer.

The best way to travel

Roomer now is my first (and usually last) port of call when I’m looking to travel. I’ve found some unbelievable deals since I started recycling hotel reservations.

I get to travel more, with peace of mind that every aspect of the booking is accurate and sorted out. Traveling is easier than ever before, and far cheaper.

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