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The best of Malta in just 24 hours

Glistening in the wide open sea is this sandy vessel made from rock, but it’s from the air that you first fall in love with this place. Somewhere between the distant past and a hopeful future lies Malta: a tiny island nation that is the tropical centre of Europe.

To really get a sense of what Malta is, let’s grab a bite to eat; I’ll tell you all about this place on the way. I’m starting in the romantic Spinola Bay, so you can breathe in the vista and vibes of St Julian’s. Follow the seafront into this cute inlet, lights dangle lazily and boats bob on the gentle lapping sea, I’m taking you to my favourite restaurant first! This place is called Zest and it’s renowned on the island for its high quality Asian Fusion. It mixes the safety of Mediterranean cuisine with the tastes of Japan, Thailand and even Indonesia! A definite must for foodies who want that little bit extra.

Black Faldetta book coverSpend some time in this area people watching where are they going? Follow them to Paceville, the party heart of Malta with its bright lights and big beats. Hard to believe that this place used to be a health and wellness spa. It’s a kind of new Las Vegas with its old world charm on the outside and pulsating rhythms against a backdrop of modern lines and hip interiors. We like to take the inside out in Malta, it’s summer nearly all year round, so why not take your party onto the street too? There’s lots of opportunities to do that not just in Paceville but in more sedate towns, villages and citadels.

Mdina is one such place, billed as the Silent City it’s more famous for being King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, you can spend hours getting lost in the crooked, cobbled streets. Take a minute to live Mdina through the eyes of a passionate merchant in Palazzo Falson: here you can find opulent jewels alongside works of art encapsulated in this gem of architecture. 600 years old and still going strong, the Palazzo takes you on a journey of taste and style! Don’t forget to take some tea in the rooftop café: you can see pretty much all of Malta from there.

Hope the ferry and take a trip through the eyes of Brad and Angelina, they filmed By The Sea right here in Gozo. There’s some mystery here because Gozo is home to the first inhabitants of the Maltese Islands, and they worshipped a mystical Goddess. Her temples are older than Stonehenge and her legend lives on through the strong sisterhood in our corner of the world. Stop off at the resort of Xlendi and try what could possibly be the best ice-cream you have ever tastes in your life.

Before you say goodbye to Malta, can I take you over to Valletta? It’s the capital of Malta and today is home to a range of things to see and do, to try and buy. You can take a ghost tour here: Colour My Travel offer a range of walking and guided ghost tours around the city which we learn about Napoleon’s seven crazy nights in Malta and the tale of the hooded demon. By day you can dip into art galleries and museum or sit back and take in the direction of the sun from the comfort of a shady parasol and a nice cup of Maltese coffee blended with cloves and aniseed. Walk down to the harbour and marvel at the majesty of this water world where poets like Byron and Coleridge have written some of their finest work, take the water bus to the millionaire’s playground of the Cottonera Waterfront with its yachts and floating palaces and relax! This place is an open book, so choose your own adventure…

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