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Top 5 adventure activities to do in Wales

When it comes to adventure activities, you won’t find a better playground than Wales. With so much to do that it would literally take a lifetime to pack it all in, how could we possibly narrow it down to just five of the best activities to do?

Well, it was extremely difficult but through trial and error and plenty of adventure we’ve picked five fantastic activities to try out when you’re in Wales! In no particular order, the winners are:


This mixture of rock climbing, natural swimming and cliff jumping is extremely popular and Wales is one of the best places in the world to do it. This is a high adrenaline activity that can be tailored to all abilities, making it perfect for families, friends and groups.

Swim down rapids, scale rocky cliff faces and make your way down steep water courses on a canyoning adventure. This is the perfect activity for outdoor adventure weekends, as there’s many different routes that offer something new at each bend keeping you entertained and your heart pumping all weekend.

Canyoning in Wales

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Mountain Walks

With so much natural, rugged landscape you simply have to go out and explore it! The Brecon Beacons, in particular, offers some of the best mountain walks to be found anywhere in the world. By going with an expert guide not only will you not have to worry about getting lost, but you can learn a lot about the local area as well.

There are plenty of stunning views for you to enjoy, taking in a wealth of Welsh scenery and letting you enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Climbing up a mountain and emerging above the clouds will leave you with a feeling that simply cannot be put into words – you have to try it for yourself!

Mountain view, Wales

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From mountain tops to underground exploration, you’ll be blown away by the cave systems that you can discover in Wales. Stare in wonder at the stalactites and stalagmites founds in the rocky caves, be blown away by the fantastic crystal and clay formations throughout the caves. You really can go back in time when caving, exploring caverns that were carved out thousands of years ago.

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With a mixture of natural and man-made cavers, there’s a range of difficulties allowing you to tailor your adventure for any ability. These tours are graded 1-5 to judge difficulty, with Grade 1 being easy with no real dangers, while Grade 5 would be difficult and severe – how risky are you willing to go?

Caves, Wales

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Head out onto the sea around the picturesque Gower peninsula or negotiate some of Wales’ rivers in a kayak, either by yourself or with friends. This a brilliant way to explore otherwise inaccessible sites and areas of this beautiful, rugged country.

If you’ve never done this before then don’t worry, it’s relatively easy to get the hang of and you’ll have an absolute ball out on the water. This is a great activity for all the family, as kids as young as 8 are able to take part.

Kayaking, Wales

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Gorge Walking

Gorge walking or scrambling covers a wide range of activities, mostly though it involves rock activities with some water activities thrown in as well. Don’t confuse it with canyoning though as the two are very different – gorge walking is much less extreme and is far more child and family friendly.

It’s basically a river adventure, taking you through a steep sided gorge and following the river course by climbing over boulders, scaling cliffs and fording rivers. If you’re looking for something to do with the whole family on outdoor adventure weekends then you should definitely consider gorge walking.

River view, Wales

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Adventure Britain is a multi-award winning adventure activity company operating out of the Brecon Beacons in Wales. If you’re looking to book an outdoor adventure weekend in Wales then talk to us today for great deals on awesome activities.

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