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Americas   30 Jan, 2016, 17:48
Sailing decompression: a San Diego sea passage to La Paz  
Alec Walsh

A thousand miles by yacht gives Alec Walsh a great opportunity to bond with his father, and over the next 30 days the clear ocean air cleans out his soul.

Deals, Editorials, Europe   26 Jan, 2016, 17:18
Travel to runes: and avoid airport stress  
P Watson

Paul Watson says that flying around the UK – and Scotland in particular – can be like wading through a bog without wellies. Thankfully, he has an answer.

Americas   13 Jan, 2016, 15:12
Plotting a course to America’s Grand Canyon  
Eric Whitehead

One of the USA’s most iconic landmarks is the Grand Canyon, deep in Arizona. Eric Whitehead makes the journey and finds a visit offers more than just a pretty view.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   13 Jan, 2016, 14:46
Stormy waters in Burma’s Inle Lake  
Brian Fisher

Myanmar’s photogenic highlight lures Brian Fisher to its shores. But a chartered boat trip becomes a nightmare when the weather turns.

Deals, Europe   12 Jan, 2016, 21:48
Where to stay for this year’s Cheltenham Festival  
Paul Woollacombe

The UK’s most important horse racing event has plenty of opportunities for the gambler. Paul Woollacombe has the inside scoop.

Africa   7 Jan, 2016, 19:26
The big weekend: birding Ethiopia’s Rift Valley lakes  
Malee Oot

Few visitors make it to Ethiopia – and fewer still stray from the standard tourist routes. But Malee Oot has birds on her mind as she rents a Landrover to tour the Rift Valley lakes.

Central Asia   7 Jan, 2016, 17:10
A Mumbai dabbawalla races a chauffeur-driven car  
Leon Garwood

Leon Harwood shows a video where a Jaguar XJ competes with public transport to deliver a lunch to India’s elite. The car wins, but at a cost.

Americas   6 Jan, 2016, 20:20
A day in OK city  
Steve Rudd

Oklahoma’s not America’s most glamorous city. But Steve Rudd finds the place unexpected touching – and even welcoming.

Europe   6 Jan, 2016, 09:32
Donegal: Ireland at its most charming  
David Tyndall

While Ireland’s major tourist highlights remain its major cities, David Tyndal suggests the overlooked town of Donegal as your base to explore. This way, he claims, you’ll see Ireland at its best.

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