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Travel to runes: and avoid airport stress

You’ve travelled through lochs and lakes and moss-covered castles, traversed up the Highlands and trekked across the Orkney islands. You’ve witnessed all the runes and rustic magic that Britain can offer – now it’s time for somewhere new.

But travelling to another country isn’t like jumping in your Jeep and hitting the countryside. Unlike a quick weekend getaway, there’s one thing standing between you and a trip abroad – the airport.

If you’re the type of person who likes nothing more than traipsing through the countryside, then the stresses of the airport will feel doubly irritating. Here the hustle and bustle seldom dies down. Replacing quiet is an incessant chatter, the kind of clamour that’s reminiscent of paupers trapped in the hull of the sinking Titanic.

The airport is regularly voted more stressful than a day job or moving house. Why? Well…

There’s the endless queues, the probing questions about your luggage, the scrutinising eyes of security officials, invasive pat-downs, purgatorial departure lounges and, possibly worst of all, the fear that your flight might be delayed.

No wonder there’s a vein about to pop in every fliers’ head. Without adequate planning your flight will feel like wading through mud without wellies on.

So, what can you do to minimise stress and enjoy a pleasant flight at the airport?

Parking for pros

Airport parking is notorious for its inefficiency and all-round rubbish-ness. You’re more likely to drive around and around in an interminable circle of despair than actually find a space. That might be a slight exaggeration, but airports have a serious problem when it comes to car parking – but there are plenty of places that can help.

Counteracting the rush of cars to flight hubs are companies that can give you prime parking locations. Edinburgh Airport parking, for instance, is available offsite. After you’ve parked your car, you’ll be shuttled to your terminal by a bus. It’s a great way to stave off some unneeded stress.

Know the questions

Security officials in airports can feel like the most terrifying people in the world. Muck up a question and you’ll likely be treated as though you actually are a terrorist. And, thanks partly to growing fears at airport security, questions are becoming ever more terse.

To ease the pressure, check out the entire security process online before you travel to the airport. Plenty of FAQs are available on the internet that’ll let you know exactly what you should say to airport officials.

Ultimately, a relaxing journey falls down to your own peace of mind. So, enter the airport like you were inspecting a mythic rune and you’ll be fine.

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