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A Mumbai dabbawalla races a chauffeur-driven car

Rather more entertaining than usual is this new video promoting the Jaguar XJ. It pits a £50k+ limo – along with a chauffeur – against the bicycle/train combo usually employed by the traditional couriers who spread lunches around the offices of India’s capital. Though in this case it eschews the multi-drop option most generally employed and just delivers one lunch, in considerable luxury.

It has to be said if I had access to a car costing that much I’d put it quickly on sale and get a less demanding job. If I lived in India I might just possibly try to retire.

And if your biggest claim for a top-of-the-range limo is that it’s more comfortable – and no slower – than an Indian bicycle I’d say that was a somwewhat modest claim.

Still, at least it made one dabbawalla’s day a whole lot less onerous and reminds us all what an office lunch should look like.

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