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Americas, Deals   29 Feb, 2016, 18:04
Where to go for the best waterparks in America  
Lucy Barker

Anyone travelling with children in the USA this summer will want to know where the best waterparks are to be found. Let Lucy Barker be your guide to the best.

Americas   29 Feb, 2016, 17:49
Playing gauchos in an estancia in rural Uruguay  
James Sinclair

In rural Uruguay James Sinclair discovers his inner cowboy, saddling up for horseback trails and cattle mustering. And all without the hype and bluster you’d find in the dude ranches of northern America.

Deals, Europe   26 Feb, 2016, 17:25
How to plan a European stag night  
Lucy Barker

While cash gets lavished on wedding receptions and honeymoons, the stag night is often strangely overlooked. That’s wrong, says Lucy Barker, who says this is perhaps the most important part of celebrating a marriage.

Americas   26 Feb, 2016, 16:01
Slow train to nowhere in Argentine Patagonia  
David Marsh

David Marsh boards the world’s most southerly train as he heads deep into Argentina. But in a day of travel progress is slow.

Central Asia   26 Feb, 2016, 15:02
A video journey through China’s remote Yunnan province  
David Abram

Anyone who thinks China is modern and dull should check out the Songtsam region in the Chinese Himalayas. David Abram comes back with this captivating video.

Deals, Europe   17 Feb, 2016, 18:30
Saddle up for four days at the races: Cheltenham 2015  
Paul Woollacombe

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the highlights of the horse racing year, bringing the UK’s best jumpers and hurdlers to a leafy part of Gloucestershire. Paul Woollacombe has the inside scoop.

Central Asia   16 Feb, 2016, 09:29
Face to face with a Nepalese rhino  
Alex Jones

Deep in the jungles of the Chitwan National Park, Alex Jones tracks a rhino by elephant, jeep and finally foot, braving the area’s tigers and snakes. Success, hard-won, is all the more valued.

Asia Pacific   15 Feb, 2016, 18:49
Immortality assured at a Tamil temple opening  
A J Box

In 1950’s Malaya A J Box finds his rubber-tapping tedium relieved by a surprise invitation to a religious ceremony. This involves several more beers than are quite compatible with a motorbike ride home.

Deals, Europe   12 Feb, 2016, 14:48
Fly to Paris for some romance in the spring  
Lucy Barker

France’s capital city is the world’s top tourist destination. Lucy Barker says ‘The City of Love’ is best at the beginning of the year, as it bursts into colour under a strengthening sun.

Africa   10 Feb, 2016, 16:50
A night of real danger in rural Zaire  
Peter Peeters and Claire van Velsen

When Peter Peeters and Claire van Helsen drive their Landrover into a swamp in upcountry Zaire they merely think they’re stuck. They don’t discover the danger of their situation until the following day, when they’re lucky to have lived to tell their tale.

Europe   5 Feb, 2016, 15:29
Skeletons and ghouls at the Capuchin Crypt in Rome  
Dan Morey

Dan Morey takes his mother to see the desiccated skeletons of Rome’s famous Capuchin cemetery. Perhaps he’s trying to tell her something. Clearly she fails to get the hint and just enjoys the experience of getting close to deatjh .

Americas   4 Feb, 2016, 15:00
Still raining down in New Orleans  
Lindsay Salt

Eleven years on from Hurricane Katrina Lindsay Salt visits ‘the Big Easy’. Ominously, the streets of the Old Quarter are still wet with rain as the tail of this year’s cyclone whips by.

Deals, Europe   4 Feb, 2016, 09:38
Attractions to enjoy on your UK trip  
Lucy Barker

Most things in the UK, including accommodation, train travel and taxi fares, are inexplicably expensive. But Lucy Barker finds that several attractions and highlights are inexplicably free.

Middle East   2 Feb, 2016, 19:54
Entering ‘The Birdcage’: Jerusalem, state-sanctified for Arabs  
Hasheemah Afaneh

There’s no easy way into the Middle East’s sacred city for many of its rural neighbours. Hasheemah Afaneh takes half a day to clear Israeli security in a family visit to her nearest town.

Asia Pacific   2 Feb, 2016, 14:35
Free-fall adventure off the Queensland coast  
Ciarán Logue

Too many people spend their whole time in the Barrier Reef diving. Ciarán Logue goes the other way, taking to the sky for a thrilling sky-dive.

Europe   2 Feb, 2016, 14:05
Cruising the Danube all across Europe  
Jennie Campbell

A leisurely cruise across Europe proves an ideal cure for Jennie Campbell’s winter blues. With its vivid sense of history and romance, the Danube River soothes, charms and stimulates.

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