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How to plan a European stag night

Weddings and honeymoons cost way too much. The place to spend your marriage cash is surely on the stag night, where the groom gets to enjoy a weekend away with all his mates on what might well be his last night of freedom.

There are a few things to bear in mind.

Watch the exchange rate

Avoid expensive cities. You need to be rich to have any fun at all in London or Paris a clubs and bars are ruinously expensive and hotels far from cheap. Most of all both English and Gallic attitudes to stag groups can be chillingly severe. You’ll find it hard to get any establishment to accept your party at all and then are quite likely to run into a suspicious sneer.

Keep flight times short

The wedding itself is sitting on a whole weekend of what is probably a busy time of year: any international stag night will almost certainly take up another. Though there’s a lot to be said for kicking off the traces in Kenya or Thailand the costs of flights are just prohibitive and travel time too long. Even the most ambitious stag party will be overshadowed by jetlag and if your honeymoon is modest most brides-to-be will resent their proposed partner’s fun.

Choose your short-haul

Spain is a good choice, with nightlife open late and a good range of entertainments on offer. But it’s rather mainstream for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The cheapest and best-served stag night destinations have to be the major cities of Eastern Europe. They’re not so exotic as to alienate partners but they’re quite far enough to keep gossip at bay. Riga, Krakow and Budapest are all very good options, but Prague is perhaps best of all. Known as ‘the city of the 100 spires’ it has old-world charm, cheap beer and the sophisticated welcome you’d expect from the capital city of one of Europe’s youngest country, the Czech Republic.

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