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Planning a road trip to America, and what you need to take

If you are planning a road trip in America this year then you will need to have a rough plan and a guide on what you will need on your travels. Road trips are a once in a lifetime experience where the possibilities are endless. From one day to the next you could be in a different location and experiencing a completely different adventure.

Have A Plan

Before you set out on your road trip it is smart to have a plan, but not a rigid one. Road trips are all about being open to the possibilities and new adventures. As most road trips have got a time limit it is a good idea to plot out which city you will sleep in each night before setting off. Motel on route 66That way you can book a cheap motel too, as when you drive for long periods of time it is important to get a good night’s sleep. There are plenty of cheap motels to choose from in America as well.


For any type of travelling you will of course need your passport. When travelling to America it is important that your passport isn’t about to expire, so if it is, make sure you renew it before your road trip. If you are travelling to America for 90 days or less you will need an ESTA visa which ensures you can travel around America. An ESTA form is easy to fill out and takes no time at all, if you would like to get your hands on an ESTA visit

As well as legal documents when planning a road trip to America make sure to bring a physical copy of a map and the route you will be taking. Smartphones and tablets can run out of battery very easily or you may not be able to get any internet connection in certain spots, so it is always best to bring a map on your trip.


For the passengers on your road trip they may get bored easily with the hours of driving ahead. Instead of being hooked up to all electronical devices, strip back to basics and take a book. For the drivers music is a great way to stay awake and alert even after driving for long periods of time. A fun thing before your road trip is to create a CD and fill it with a list of good songs. Although you may get sick of them after your road trip, months later, when one of those songs comes on you’ll remember all of the good memories on the trip. There are also plenty of road games you can play to keep you entertained whilst on the trip, get creative and come up with your own game.

Fuel and Essentials

Before you head out on your road trip don’t forget to fill up your car so you won’t need to make any stops for a while. As well as filling up your car for fuel, bring plenty of snacks and treats that you can easily munch on if any of you get peckish. Highway through the desertIt is also essential to bring a cooler packed with water bottles then when you stop you can refill them and be stocked up again. The US normally has nice weather and the sun can be pretty strong, so sunglasses and sunscreen are a road trip must, as you can easily get sunburnt even in the car.

Another essential to pack for your road trip are cameras. As well as using your smartphone for taking pictures, why not pack a disposable camera? That way you will get all the excitement of when you get the pictures developed. Don’t forget to bring your digital camera and a spare battery to capture all moments whether it’s of your friends or a sunset over a lake.

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